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Rihanna And 4 Other Celebrities Who Experienced Postpartum Hair Loss

Motherhood can be a beautiful and rewarding journey for those who experience it.

For context, they witness all phases of their children's lives, from infancy to adulthood, learning valuable lessons. While many reap the benefits of motherhood, it also presents significant challenges, including physical changes such as postpartum hair loss.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, postpartum hair loss is "excessive shedding of hair" months after an individual gives birth. It is typically caused by hormonal changes that occur "during and after pregnancy." Postpartum hair loss usually lasts less than six months, and women generally regain their hair's fullness within a year with proper diet and hair care.

Many celebrities have been vocal about this condition after welcoming their children into the world. Singer and mogulRihanna recently spoke out about her experience. During the launch party for her haircare brand, Fenty Hair, the 36-year-old opened up in an interview with Refinery29 about how her relationship with hair has changed after having two sons—whom she shares with longtime partner A$AP Rocky—and dealing with postpartum hair loss.

In the discussion, Rihanna revealed that although she was aware of postpartum hair loss, she was unprepared for the various stages she experienced.

“That was not on the pamphlet. I did not expect it to happen in waves, either. I thought it would happen and grow back,” she said. “But it went [to] this spot. Then this spot, then this spot. At that point, you just say alright, enough is enough.”

Despite the ordeal, the "Needed Me" singer shared that she's been able to accept the physical changes she's experienced and has found ways to incorporate new looks.

“I also got to embrace that in itself,” she stated. “That actually made me get a little bit more creative and clever with my hair stuff.”

Inspired by Rihanna's revelation, xoNecole examines other notable figures who have openly shared their experiences with postpartum hair loss.

Tamar Braxton

Singer and reality television star Tamar Braxton addressed her hair loss journey on social media after fans noticed a change in her edges during a 2014 episode of WETV's Braxton Family Values. The "Love and War" songstress welcomed her son Logan Herbert with then-husband Vincent Herbert in 2013.

“When u HAVE your baby (my son) your hair falls out!!” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

In the same upload, Braxton credited proper hair care as the solution to her hair loss.

Toya Johnson-Rushing

The second person on the list is Toya Johnson-Rushing.

The reality star and entrepreneur revealed in an Instagram post that after giving birth to her second daughter, Reign Rushing, whom she shares with husband Robert Rushing, in 2018, she began noticing significant hair loss in the center and around the perimeter of her scalp.

“Postpartum Alopecia Is so real... I didn’t know why my hair was falling out. I just noticed my edges and the middle of my hair were getting super thin. Every time I would wash my hair it would come out in chunks. I’ve always had full edges,” she wrote.

Johnson-Rushing added that although she learned through additional research that postpartum hair loss is normal, it's a journey she doesn't enjoy.

“I did some research and found out that new moms are surprised to be shedding more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth, but it's perfectly normal,” she stated. “There's no need to panic. Your hair should be back to normal around your baby's first birthday. That’s way too long to be without edges, but it’s a part of the beauty of giving birth. I just wanted to share that with you ladies. Who else is experiencing postpartum hair loss? .....cause I don’t like it.”

Christina Milian

Singer and actress Christina Milian discussed her experience with postpartum hair loss in an interview with ¡HOLA! Magazine.

During the conversation, Milian revealed that she was initially unaware of what was happening when she started losing hair, primarily around the perimeter of her scalp, months after giving birth to her second son, Kenna Pokora, with her husband, Matt Pokora.

“I wasn’t expecting it when it happened because nobody ever told me about this,” she said. “I was in the shower. I remember the day because I went from having full, beautiful, long hair to looking at my hair going through the drain. I didn’t know where it came from.”

The "Dip It Low" vocalist also shared that losing large amounts of hair affected her confidence.

“And then, instantly, from that point on, it took a toll on my confidence,” she stated. “I couldn’t figure out if I were stressing out or what was wrong. I was having a perfectly happy pregnancy.”

Milian credited maintaining a healthy lifestyle and implementing a hair care routine with products that promote hair growth, including those containing peppermint oil.

“I focus on my temples and the areas where I tend to part my hair more often,” she explains. “My hair is nice and full right now; I’m not wearing tracks or pieces in my hair, this is, this is the real deal. I‘m running away from his hair loss.”

Victoria Monét

Last but not least is singer Victoria Monét.

The "On My Mama" vocalist welcomed her daughter Hazel Gaines with longtime partner John Gaines in 2021. A few months after giving birth, in September of that same year, Monét revealed on Twitter that she had lost almost half her hair due to postpartum shedding.

“Probably lost about 40% of my hair yesterday,” she wrote. “I’m so [sad] it came out in mounds. Postpartum really don’t let up.”

Following the "Coastin'" songstress' post, fans sent well wishes to the star and shared their own experiences with postpartum hair loss, showing her that she isn't alone and will overcome it.

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