Copy & Paste: These Celebs Have Us Seeing Double By Giving Birth To The Same Child Twice
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Copy & Paste: These Celebs Have Us Seeing Double By Giving Birth To The Same Child Twice

It's pretty fair to say that Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert's relationship is drool-worthy. The two originally met in 2014 while they both were healing from breakups. And initially, Taylor wasn't into it, once telling Wendy Williams:

"I didn't like him at first. When I first met him, he had just gotten drafted. He was young and doing a lot. I was at a party. He was drunk and had his shirt off. It was just too much going on, baby."

Eventually, the two became good friends. By September 2015, the couple announced they were expecting their daughter, Junie, together, they got engaged at their baby shower, hit the altar, and welcomed their daughter by December.

Well, since, our fave couple has welcomed their second child, Rue Rose. And recently, when Taylor uploaded an adorable pic of the two of them together, we could notttt handle the amount preciousness. Additionally, we (and everyone else) couldn't help but notice they are damn near identical.

Captioned, "Junie 1 & Junie 2, I'm so obessed.," the pic took off, with most commenters noting their resemblance as well.

But despite the fascination, the Shumperts aren't the only one with a genetic copy and paste superpower. Many other celebs have done the same. And yes, ladies, we understand that siblings with the same parents, generally look alike. But sometimes, the resemblance is just plain ole eerie.

For example:

Kevin and Eniko Hart

Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko welcomed their second child, Kaori, back in September, and the two have been focusing on being parents to their full house of four ever since. Recently, the comedian posted a photo of himself holding his newest baby girl while working. Most immediately took notice of how Kaori bears a striking resemblance to the couple's older child, their three-year-old son named Kenzo.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Disney Plus

Although they've birthed twins, Rumi and Sir, Jay Z and Beyonce's brood could easily be triplets. Not a single gene was left behind in any of their kids, including the oldest, Blue Ivy.

Omarion and Apryl Jones

Omarion and the mother of his children are probably the GOATS of spawning the same child. The two welcomed their son, Megaa, in 2015, and daughter, A'mei, a year later.

Keri and Afshin Shahidi

These two birthed the powerhouse that is Yara Shahidi and her brother, Sayeed. Although the two are adults now, the striking resemblance between the two siblings has always been mind-blowing.

Elizabeth and Jon Woods

Elizabeth Woods is the mother of Jordyn Woods (23) and Jodie Woods (16). The self-proclaimed "printer" has birthed the two socialites, and Jesus, they are scary identical. I mean, it is genuinely difficult to compute.


Beautiful black families for the win!

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