Victoria Monét Dishes On Relationship Boundaries And Having Trust With Her Partner
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Victoria Monét Dishes On Relationship Boundaries And Having Trust With Her Partner

Singer and songwriter Victoria Monét discusses her sexuality while shedding light on the boundaries within her relationship.

The 34-year-old, who is openly bisexual, has been with her longtime partner John Gaines for over three years. The couple also share a two-year-old daughter Hazel Monét Gaines. Since their union, Monét and Gaines didn't disclose many details regarding their relationship with the public aside from their future plans of taking the next step. Still, all that changed during the "On My Mama" vocalist's recent appearance on Baltimore's radio station Radio One.

In the July interview, while promoting her upcoming album Jaguar II and a sold-out tour, Monét revealed why trust and a solid foundation are essential in her bond regardless of what sex she is with.

In the discussion, the mother of one shared that her partnership with Gaines works so well because even though she is physically attracted to both men and women, the pair's open line of communication, trust, and a solid foundation has played a massive role in their successful relationship.

"Whether I'm dating a man or woman, I feel like it's more so about the connection you have with each other and the trust that you have," she told the outlet. "Because even if I was going on a girls' trip and I don't like any of my quote-unquote friends, and I was doing something shady, there's a guy that has to check us in the hotel. There's like so many opportunities. It may not be one of my friends. It could be anybody I walk past."

Further into the conversation, Monét added that the pair's trust and the tight unit had created a safe space for her to participate in any activities she chose without fear of infidelity.

"It's really about the grounding you have at home and making sure that feels strong. So there's just trust there. That opens up a whole world of trips wherever. It doesn't matter who in the world you come across, you know that I'm yours, and we trust each other," she said.

Jaguar II is scheduled to be released on August 25.

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