Victoria Monét Shares How She Used Song "On My Mama" As A Word Of Affirmation After Bout With Postpartum
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Victoria Monét Shares How She Used Song "On My Mama" As A Word Of Affirmation After Bout With Postpartum

Singer and songwriter Victoria Monét is providing insight into the process behind her latest single, "On My Mama," and how her experience with motherhood served as inspiration.

Monét, who started as a songwriter, caught her big break within the entertainment industry over a decade ago when she earned her first writing credit on Diddy-Dirty Money's 2010 track "I Hate That You Love Me."

Over the years, Monét's success as a songwriter and vocalist soared to new heights as she collaborated with other artists such as Brandy, Fifth Harmony, Jordin Sparks, T.I., B.o.B., Ariana Grande, Jhene Aiko, and countless others. In 2019, Monét ultimately earned her first Grammy nomination for contributing to Ariana Grande's hit song "7 Rings."

Since then, Monét continues to make a name for herself in the industry, this time by focusing on her solo endeavors, including her upcoming album Jaguar 2. The 34-year-old dropped her latest single, "On My Mama," a sample of Chalie Boy's "I Look Good," in June and has been generating buzz due to its empowering lyrics.

During an interview on The Ebro Show, Monét revealed that the lighthearted tune began as a positive affirmation after experiencing various challenges following the birth of her daughter Hazel Gaines on February 2021.

Victoria On The Inspiration Behind "On My Mama"

In the discussion, Monét explained that the concept of "On My Mama" came in 2021 during a low period in her life as she tried adjusting to motherhood.

Monét disclosed that after welcoming Hazel with her longtime partner, John Gaines, she started experiencing postpartum depression in the middle of the global pandemic. This added to Monét's stress because she often worried about her daughter's safety.

"This record actually happened in 2021, probably… Maybe eight or nine weeks after I gave birth, right? So I'm in the mental space of, I was really having a hard time. I had postpartum depression," she said. "I was still breastfeeding, just adjusting to the life, but also in the midst of COVID. So we're in a pandemic, everything's a little bit risky, scary to even be in the studio with a child."

Further into the interview, Monét shared that when creating "On My Mama," --which includes lyrics about looking good, feeling good, and deserving the best life possible-- she had to force herself to believe the words she was writing because she was still in a state of disbelief.

"'On My Mama' was the first record I did that I actually liked. But it came while I was in a place of disbelief in what I was actually saying. So it's almost like I had to speak it into existence. And I do look good, I do feel good, and I am deserving," she stated.

When Monét came to the realization, she acknowledged how powerful the track could be for other people.

"And so, I think of the record as an anthem for affirmations, positive self-talk, manifestations, living in abundance, speaking things into existence, all of that is kind of in the song, but in a really cool hood way. And the sample just feels so good. It feels so good, we were debating on whether to use it because you know it's expensive," she said.

Victoria On Balancing Motherhood And Her Career

As the topic shifted to balancing motherhood and her career, Monét revealed that it can be challenging, but because she has a supportive tribe that consists of family, friends, and a business team, she is able to juggle it all.

"It's really hard, honestly, and I know you can attest to that, just prioritizing certain things. Time is just the currency that you can't get back, so it's like, man, just, it really takes a team, and people who really support and believe in you and understand why you have to be at the studio until 2:00 A.M. whenever you get home," she stated.

"And also a business team that understands why you have to be home and present. Doing flashcards and spending quality time with family. So, it really takes a community, I think about the term tribe a lot, just having people around you that really support that, no negativity, just all support and hands on deck, it really takes a village for even just one child."

Monét's single "On My Mama" is out now, and her album Jaguar II is scheduled to be released on August 25.

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