The Spice Suite Founder Angel Gregorio Shares Her Favorite Self-Care Spots In Washington, D.C.
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The Spice Suite Founder Angel Gregorio Shares Her Favorite Self-Care Spots In Washington, D.C.

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Angel Gregorio, a former school principal turned culinary maven, was born and raised in Washington, D.C. but has left traces of her flavor all over the world. Her seasoning company, The Spice Suite, is nestled in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, D.C. and frequently draws in corner-circling lines of customers waiting to purchase her hand-tossed seasoning blends. Angel's spice mixes are a labor of love; she travels around the world, sourcing spices from different countries and cooking up unique blends like Sri Lankan curry and smoky tea rub, so it's no wonder she keeps a packed house and sells out online spice boxes in minutes.

As a business owner, wife, mom, and avid traveler, Angel's time is precious. More than that, she knows exactly who she is and what's made for her. That's why she's leaning all the way into the "soft life" by outsourcing her to-do list and having her favorite service providers make house calls. "I am all about convenience," she tells xoNecole. "So while I love a good farmer's market, I also enjoy grocery delivery services." She's also deliberate about pouring back into the community, saying "If ever I'm out and about spending money and not eating at home, then it's almost always going to be with a Black business."

Just like the new Toyota Corolla Cross, Angel is always on the move and making space for what matters. "The way that I make space for myself, even when there are hiccups in life, is to not accept excuses...even from myself," she says. "If I have a nail appointment at 10 am, I'm getting to my nail appointment at 10 am. [Store] shipment delays can't delay my self-care."

The Toyota Corolla Cross is the perfect hybrid vehicle for a road trip with its spacious interior, immersive sound system, and fuel-saving efficiency. Pair this with the scenic views of D.C., and I'd say you have the perfect summer getaway. And when you get there, whip out this to-do list curated by Angel of the best Black-owned businesses in Washington, D.C. to eat, shop, get pampered, and unwind.

She Nailed It, East Capital St SE Washington, DC 20019

"In terms of self-care, I think people who follow my page know that nails are a thing for me. I probably change my nail designs weekly. So having a really bomb nail tech is really good. And even that is a form of convenience for me because [my nail tech] will come to me."

2D Pole Fit 11392 Livingston RoadFort Washington, MD 20744

"I've been going to this place called Two D Pole Fit for aerial yoga and pole classes which keep me active. It's a Black woman-owned studio and I fell in love with it."

Catwalk Boutique, 225 7th St. SE Washington, D.C. 20003

"I love to shop, but I mostly shop online. There's a boutique here by Eastern Market called Catwalk Boutique, and I've been shopping with her for years. I found her while shopping for my baby shower [twelve years ago]. She will let me try things on at home and pick it up whenever they're ready. Her clothes are [made by] low-key designers across the world. I've found the most whimsical, feminine, funky things I've found from her."

Turning Natural Juice Bar, 1380 H Street, Washington, D.C. 20002

"I don't always want to [leave home]. But if I am getting out, it's usually for something quick and simple, but really good. Turning Natural is one of my favorite juice bars in the city. They do really simple, clean smoothies and vegan treats. I'm not even vegan, but they do desserts really well."

Byrd's Nest Box

"I have friends who garden, and I'm grateful a lot of them will grow things for me. My friend Falani has a business called Byrd's Nest Box and she grows organic produce. So if I'm making salads or sandwiches and I need lettuce and tomato, Falani will pull up."

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