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Tinashe On Achieving Success In The Industry After 10 Years With Her Single "Nasty": 'So Thankful'

Singer Tinashe is basking in the success of her recent single "Nasty."

To date, the 31-year-old's track, released earlier this year, has charted on Billboard's Hot 100 and amassed millions of streams on Spotify. This achievement is significant, as it comes years after Tinashe left her record label, RCA Records, to become an independent artist with Nice Life Recording.

The success of "Nasty" marks a pivotal moment in the star's career, as it's her first major hit in a decade. Tinashe's last chart-topping single was 2014's "2 On" featuring Schoolboy Q. Despite consistently releasing music over the years, none of her subsequent singles had performed as well. If "Nasty" continues its upward trajectory, it may finally break this streak.

"Nasty" gained widespread popularity mainly due to a viral X (formerly known as Twitter) post featuring an edited clip of social media user Nate Dj Winer dancing to the song. Although the single wasn't playing in the original video, the altered upload captivated audiences due to its seamless pairing of Nate's dance moves and Tinashe's track.

Since then, the "Needs" vocalist has added her spin to the viral video by stitching it on TikTok and dancing to the clip. In an interview with Variety, Tinashe discussed how self-belief and perseverance through various setbacks have contributed to her recent triumph.

In the conversation, the “Talk To Me Nice” songstress revealed that the acclaim she has received for 'Nasty' was unexpected, but she remains grateful to those who recognize her craft.

“It’s amazing. I’m just so thankful. I was saying this to my mom the other day, 10 years later, who would have thought? And I didn’t need this moment. I came to the place where I didn’t need that validation anymore. And I think that makes it even better, because it’s like holy s–t, the universe just worked in such mysterious ways,” she said.

Further into the interview, Tinashe disclosed that she first realized her song was going viral when her peers and others began contacting her.

“I noticed a difference almost immediately because I started getting hit up by my peers, and I feel like people see my content all the time, but it’s very rare I’ll get a DM from Meghan Trainor being like, ‘I love that song,’ or Kehlani or Tyla,” she stated. “There was a group of people within the first week that I dropped it that were messaging me being like that’s that shit. So to me, I was like, OK, this is different. Unusual. It’s been a snowball avalanche since then.”

The "Bouncin" singer credited her current success to her resilience and consistency in releasing music and visuals.

“I definitely think that everything that I’ve done up to now, all those grinding it out moments where I just had my head down and was just putting out the best music I could and being really consistent and making great visuals and things like that, it’s all led up to this,” she said. “I don’t think it’s just this. Everything that I’ve done really laid the groundwork, and the people who have been quietly supporting at all these different platforms that have been ‘waiting’ for me to have my moment, they can all activate now. I feel like everything has led up to this, so I’m thankful for both this moment and also the journey it took to get here.”

Toward the end of the discussion, the “Remember When” singer expressed that this achievement has reinforced her belief that anything is possible and emphasized the importance of living in the present and trusting the universe.

“Nasty” is available on all streaming platforms.

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