Cassie Credits Alkaline Shower Filters & ‘Minding Her Business’ For Youthful Skin
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Cassie Credits Alkaline Shower Filters & ‘Minding Her Business’ For Youthful Skin

Cassie Ventura--actress, singer, wife, mother, legend, and friend--has removed herself from the industry’s chaos in the best way. She packed her bags, married her bae, Alex Fine, who she shares two beautiful daughters with, and threw the deuces up at whatever was no longer serving her. Cassie and Alex, who wed in September 2019, welcomed daughters Frankie Stone in December 2019 and Sunny Cinco in March 2021.

Since, the beauty icon has kept a somewhat low profile, focusing on her family and a less indulgent lifestyle, even recently making a rare appearance opposite Chris Brown in his "Psychic" video. Despite opting for a quieter lifestyle, Cassie is always on board to chat about beauty, which thankfully, The Cut caught up with the singer to discuss all things from home life, advice she would give to herself, and her skincare routine. Keep reading for more.

Cassie on her morning routine:

Cassie has morning rituals that she sticks with, which include meditating and starting her morning with a cup of peppermint tea. “It calms my stomach, and it helps me recenter before the day starts. I’m also a huge water drinker. I have alkaline filters throughout our house. My favorite is the one in the shower, which has helped with the health of my skin and hair so much.”

Game changer?

Cassie also indulges in daily quiet time as a personal reboot. “Even if I only get three minutes to just be quiet, I believe in it. I think it’s important for my sanity.”

On motherhood:

“I actually repetitively remind myself to stay present. I never did that before,” she tells the mag. “I had a moment the other day where one of my daughters was on a rampage and I got really frustrated. My older daughter, Frankie, said, ‘Mommy, don’t forget to breathe.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ When you give them certain things, they give them back to you. It was wonderful to feel that from her. We sat, and she helped me breathe, and then I calmed down and I was fine.”

On advice to her younger self:

“Don’t worry so much because everything works itself out, and if you place yourself where you feel like you’re supposed to be, you’ll be fine. Doing things outside of your comfort zone is important, but doing things that aren’t right isn’t.”

On how she preserves her youthfulness:

“By minding [my] business. I don’t pass judgment on what people choose to do for themselves. I feel like there’s a lot to be said about people that live their lives and not everyone else’s.”

Cassie’s Skincare Routine:

Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser, $35

Cassie always starts her morning with a double cleanse. She goes in with Summer Fridays’ restorative gel cleanser, an amino-acid blend that replenishes and protects the skin. “It’s really helped keep my skin clean without feeling overly dry,” she told The Cut.

Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser, From $12

The next cleanser is her favorite, Youth to the People’s superfood cleanser, a gel with nourishing ingredients such as spinach, kale, and green tea, which soothe the skin while fighting signs of aging. On days when she’s rushing and doesn’t have time to double cleanse, this is the one cleanser she uses.

Buttah Skin Aloe Rose Refreshing Face Mist, $19

Cassie is not huge on using toner but is looking to work it into her routine with the help of Buttah's founder. The balancing spray acts as a toner by hydrating the skin with aloe vera and rosewater.

Ustawi Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum, $45

Next up is Ustawi serum, which is one she refuses to skip. “The products are made for melanin skin, and I’m obsessed,” she says. The oil-and-water-gel serum brightens the complexion and restores the skin’s natural glow.

Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum, $30

Cassie likes using hyaluronic acid–based serums like this one from Mario Badescu. It’s super-hydrating and boosts the skin’s production of collagen for a healthy glow.

Starface Hydro-Stars Party Pack - 32-Count, $11

When the inevitable breakout happens, Cassie busts out Starface pimple patches, which are dermatologist tested and absorb fluid from pimples to expedite the skin’s healing process. “Pimples are the absolute worst, and we’re all trying to get rid of them, but it’s okay to embrace them too,” she says.

Ustawi Baobab Fruit Ultra-Nourishing Moisturizer, $37

The final step in keeping her skin looking luminous is applying the Ustawi Baobab Fruit Ultra-Nourishing Moisturizer. Baobab is a natural African fruit that detoxifies and nourishes the skin. It leaves the complexion cushiony-smooth and targets hyperpigmentation.

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