15 Monochromatic Looks That Will Inspire A Fabulously Fly Wardrobe


Much to my dismay, my mom used to pick out my school clothes. Not only did my ribbons match my socks, but my socks matched my undershirt, and what was worse was, they were all the same damn color. Although I tried to convince her that times had changed and not everything had to match, she was persistent on her mission to send me to the local elementary school every day looking like a different color from my crayon box.

Little did I know, Mama Honore was on to something because according to the internet, monochromatic looks are predicted to be fall's biggest trend. Stars like Tracee Ellis Ross, Rihanna, and Beyonce aren't new to this age-old trend and give us dope monochrome vibes year-round, but if you're skeptical about how to pull off this simple trend in style, xoNecole has you covered.

Get your Pinterest finger ready ladies and prepare to be totally inspired by these celebrity-inspired monochromatic looks that will have you dripping serious sauce all year long. While these styles can help you prepare for fall, you can also remix these jawns so that they fit your local weather forecast for a sultry summer night out:


Rodin Ekinroth/Getty Images

This slightly oversized blazer/pant combo can be dressed up with your favorite pair of heels or dressed down with a dope pair of sneakers. Rock this look in a solid color with a popping shoe for the perfect mix of sultry, sexy, and cool.

Featured image by Instagram/@TraceeEllisRoss.

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