True Life: I Love Him...But The Sex Is So Bad
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True Life: I Love Him...But The Sex Is So Bad

What do you do when your relationship is amazing but there is no sexual chemistry?

You test-drove the car with your feelings already invested, but you hate the way it rides. Could you continue to love your man, spend a lifetime with him and your awkward sexual encounters, or do you walk away from the best man you have ever dated for the sake of an orgasm?

The idea that sex is this carnivore act, where flames ignite from within and fireworks explode in the background. That sexy explosion of passion and lust gets lost in trying to explore erotic sexual positions that we just never can get right. Although there is an insatiable hunger for sex and a whirlwind of lust happening in my panties, I find myself very sexually unsatisfied.

All other aspects of my relationship are perfect; the man is simply amazing. He is the calm before the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel, the proof that after kissing many frogs you can find your prince. He is slightly romantic in an adorable kind of way, and the perfect gentleman. This man is the ultimate provider and loves me completely. Sometimes I find myself praying to God to never take him away from me because I have never experienced this kind of love. Although this relationship is still a newborn baby that needs more foundation and nourishment, I can see myself marrying this man.

Yes ladies, I am in a perfect relationship from the outside in. But lets be honest, nothing is without flaw. This topic is too sensitive to confide in friends and family so I find myself asking the world wide web, what do you do when your sex life is boring?

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I wonder if it is me, or maybe it is us and we are just not sexually compatible. There is also the fact that he is not the most, well endowed. But again no one is perfect and he has shown that he loves me flaws and all, so I do my best to reciprocate the unconditional love. There have been many Google searches and plenty of practice and sometimes we figure it out and have decent sex. I often wonder if this man asked me to marry him today could I live with our sex for the rest of my life? I am not ready to give it up but I am desperately afraid that our lackluster sex will be the demise of my most incredible relationship ever. We both try very hard to please each other and I appreciate his efforts. We adore one another and I am so very thankful.

So I guess my question is, what should I do?

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