The Hardest Lessons Of 2019

The Hardest Lessons Of 2019

They say the hardest lessons are the ones your soul needs most. In the finale episode of xoNecole's Happy Hour season 1, Necole, Amer, and Sheriden reflect on the entirety of 2019.

Over a few shots and tears, the squad discusses self-love by not allowing anyone to physically harm or disrespect you, losing jobs to healing from generational trauma, and how they plan to go into 2020 with more intention in their professional and personal lives.

These women have had a YEAR but it didn't come without a few painful and eye-opening moments along the way.

Modest Fashion Is Having A Moment — And These Influencers Share Why It’s More Than A Trend

Growing up in the early 2000s, it was common to see our favorite music artists, high fashion models, and video vixens revealing plenty of skin with an emphasis on their favorite assets throughout many facets of mainstream media. While overtly convincing young women being sexy was determined by the least amount of clothing one could possibly wear, it caused many of us to become obsessed with our bodies believing that was the only way to be seen, feel beautiful, and most importantly gain the attention of the opposite sex.