10 Summer Skincare Trends That Black Women Should Try

10 Summer Skincare Trends That Black Women Should Try

Okay, so I’ve got a question — what are your summer plans as far as your skin is concerned? Listen, it’s a super valid concern considering the fact that I recently had a conversation with a couple of women over 60 who told me that one of their biggest regrets was taking the condition of their skin for granted back when they were in their 30s. One of them literally said to me, “We love to talk about ‘Black not cracking,’ but let’s not act like we can’t go 20 years looking under 40 and one day — BOOM, we look 70.”

I’ve heard this said many times over the course of my life, which is why I’ve become more proactive than ever when it comes to my own skincare regimen; this includes keeping my eyes on certain skincare trends that I think will do wonders for Black skin. That said, as far as this particular summer season goes, here are ten that I personally think will bring out the best in all of us…as far as our skin is concerned.

1. Citrus Skincare Products

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If you’re someone who enjoys eating citrus fruit, that’s a good thing. It contains nutrients like vitamins B and C, antioxidants, copper, fiber, magnesium, and potassium. When it comes to your skin, specifically, the citric acid that’s in it can help to kill that bacteria that could cause skin damage and aging, while its ascorbic acid is great at improving collagen and skin elasticity. Plus, the antioxidants in citrus fruit are highly effective at sloughing off dead skin cells so that your skin looks fresh and radiant, as other properties can reduce hyperpigmentation. For all of these reasons and more, if you don’t have at least a citrus-based body wash or face peel in your possession, there’s no time like the present to get yourself one.

2. Witch Hazel

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It is so wild to me how a bottle that costs so little can do so much. Personally, I’ve had some witch hazel in my possession for years now, and I’ve had absolutely no regrets. Although I mostly use it as a skin toner, witch hazel can also speed up the healing process of breakouts, soothe scalp irritation, reduce inflammation (like if you end up with a mosquito bite), reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, and also tighten up (the look of) your pores. Trust me, if you don’t invest in any other current skincare trend on this list, this is an (easily) under-five bucks one that will be well worth your while.

3. Skin Cycling

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If you’ve ever had a trainer before, you probably know that when you’re trying to achieve certain body goals, you need to work out different parts of your body on different days. Along these same lines, that’s what skin cycling is all about: you come up with an effective skin routine that consists of you applying certain products on one day and another set on another in order to achieve optimal results.

From what I’ve read and researched, if you want to be a true “cycler,” you need an exfoliant, retinoid, and moisturizer. The first night you use the exfoliant, the second, the retinoid product; and on the third and fourth, the moisturizer. Then you rinse and repeat the regimen all over again. As far as the perks go, skin cycling can help to repair your skin’s barrier as well as “prep” it for the changes in seasons — so, at least consider doing it in the weeks leading into a new season (like in October in preparation for fall).

4. Chlorophyll Supplements

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A couple of days ago, someone randomly asked me if I take chlorophyll; that goes to show how popular it is becoming. Although the basic definition of chlorophyll is it’s the compound in plants that give them their green color, there are many reasons why it’s beneficial as far as your skin is concerned. For starters, chlorophyll contains a good amount of vitamins A, C, E, and K. Plus, it’s also full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and contains antimicrobial properties that help to heal acne, minimize the appearance of pores, and help to detoxify your system overall.

Just make sure that if you choose to take it in supplement form, you follow the instructions thoroughly. Oh, and don’t be alarmed if your urine turns green or your stools become a little loose; both can be side effects when taking chlorophyll on a regular basis.

5. Menopause-Themed Products

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Aging is a blessing; I don’t care what anybody says. So, why do so many people (in my opinion) fear it? Well, aside from how shallow our culture can be as it relates to its definition of beauty, another challenge is not nearly enough individuals properly prepare for what is inevitable — getting older. For instance, did you know that after menopause, you start to lose as much as 30 percent of your skin’s collagen within the first five years? The less collagen you have, the more sagging and wrinkling your skin will do. That’s why, it’s actually pretty dope, that more skincare brands are coming up with products that cater to women who are menopausal or post-menopause. One article that can ease you into learning more about these types of products is Allure’s “13 Skin-Care and Wellness Products Made Specifically for Menopause and Its Effects”.

As far as some things that you should stay up on when it comes to caring for your skin, as you’re entering into menopause, peptides (which help with collagen production), retinol (which can reduce the appearance of fine lines), and sunscreen (which should be a must regardless of your age) are all sure bets when it comes to keeping your skin looking younger for a longer period of time.

6. Hypochlorous Acid

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Although hypochlorous acid is something that has been around for basically forever, it started to gain some real traction during the peak of the pandemic; that’s because some call it a powerful-yet-natural disinfectant. How natural is it? Well, your body actually produces it on its own. White blood cells create it to fight off bacteria and infection.

Anyway, skin-wise, it’s beneficial because hypochlorous acid helps to unclog your skin’s pores, reduce the type of inflammation that’s associated with eczema and psoriasis, and repair damage that may have occurred due to acne.

The main thing to keep in mind is you MUST use a diluted version of this type of acid (which commercialized versions of it have done); otherwise, you could end up with chemical burns. Otherwise, it’s great for all skin types and has virtually no side effects.

7. Skincare That’s Make-Up Too

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If you personally wouldn’t dare step outside of your front door without a full face of makeup on, luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your skin by doing so. The reason why is that there are a ton of “skincare hybrids” that are making their way onto the beauty scene. At the end of the day, what they offer you is the benefits of skincare products without you having to sacrifice the look that you adore from using cosmetics. Vogue’s article “These Makeup Products Can Actually Replace Your Entire Skin-Care Routine” can start to point you in the right direction. So can Harper’s Bazaar’s “The rise of hybrid cosmetics: 12 make-up products that act as skincare”.

8. Cucumber Extract

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Something that I didn’t know until recently is that cucumbers are closely related to watermelons and pumpkins. Aside from that, they’re a fruit that is full of water, vitamin K, and a good amount of vitamin C and potassium. And although it’s pretty commonly known that putting cucumbers over your eyes can help to reduce puffiness, there are a host of other things that they can do as well. The properties in cucumbers are awesome when it comes to deeply hydrating your skin, reducing skin inflammation, fighting against free radicals, making your complexion appear brighter, and slowing down the signs of premature aging. That’s why you should consider applying a homemade cucumber mask once a week or purchasing some cucumber extract to apply all over.

9. “Skinimalism”

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I once read an article that said 'skinimalism' is basically all about being a mindful consumer. The way that CNN puts it is skinimalism is about finding the most uncomplicated way to bring out the best in your skin. Bottom line here is, for the sake of your skin, budget, and the environment, it’s being encouraged to not be a product junkie as far as your skin is concerned. Instead, look for items that have as few chemicals as possible on their label while getting down to the ones that are the best for you — even if it’s only 3-5 things…not just when it comes to skincare but your makeup too. What it all boils down to is “less is more”.

10. Cloud Skin

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Although this last one is more of a makeup than skincare trend, I decided to throw it into the mix because, if there’s one thing that a lot of us want during the summer season is skin that looks flawless without appearing overly made-up. That said, cloud skin can give you that because it’s basically a cosmetic approach that doesn’t make your face look too matte or too dewy. How to create it is an article unto itself. What I will say is you’ll need a moisturizer, makeup sponge, some concealer and foundation, a makeup brush, and some loose powder. A Black YouTuber who gets pretty damn close to the trend (although she calls it “soft matte”) is KaaylaDee. You can watch her tutorial here. Enjoy!

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