6 Body Products For Your Dream Summer Glow

6 Body Products For Your Dream Summer Glow

Healthy-looking skin is fine. Healthy, glowy skin is fire.

Since summer began, I’ve been obsessing over having the most radiant skin from head to toe. I’m talking illuminating so bright, Golden Hour looks like it lasts all day. There’s a lot of factors to consider when searching for the perfect body glow product because they all serve different purposes. I, personally, love more of a wet look but my best friend prefers to shimmer like a character from Twilight. There’s also the consideration of those who like a natural gleam that melts into the skin. Some products come in the form of a serum or oil, some are scented with beneficial ingredients, and a few even have SPF protection.

It can be overwhelming. Luckily, I’ve tried and tested a number of body products, both editor-recommended and influencer-approved, so you don’t have to. Below are my six favorite products that’ll give you the summer body glow you deserve.

Keys Soulcare Sacred Body Oil


Being the all-natural queen she is, Alicia Keys’ body oil is exactly what I expected. Soulcare’s Sacred Body Oil is simple, minimalistic, and light. It’s the perfect day-to-day addition to establishing the “your skin always looks so healthy” reputation. I’m not a huge fan of the marula oil’s earthy scent, but wearing it over my Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Radiant Lotion breaks it down. They also play nicely together as hydrators since the Sacred Body Oil includes baobab and jojoba oil. I appreciate the dropper style of distribution so I have better control of the amount used compared to pump bottles.

Bonus points for a little bit going a long way. When I tell you my skin looks like I just stepped out of a natural spring…chef’s kiss.

Refy Body Glow


If you were a 2023 Glaze Donut nail girly, you’ll appreciate Refy’s Body Glow. It’s described as a “lightweight moisturizer,” which is definitely true, but the real highlight is its pearly pigment that literally turns you into a walking glazed donut. The Body Glow only comes in the shade Topaz but is complimentary to all skin tones. Personally on my dark skin, I looked both glowy and slightly bronzed.

It’s a thicker consistency than the others on our list but isn’t heavy or greasy.

There is a very light shimmer that you only really see in the sunlight. If even that subtlety still isn’t your thing, you might opt for the next up on our list.

Kopari Sun Shield Body Glow


Kopari’s Body Glow is another pearly goodie but without the shimmer. It melts into and enhances your skin’s richness more than anything else. The best thing is its UVA and UVB ray protection components. All three shades contain SPFs of different ranges – Rose Gold 45 (pictured), Gold 50, and Amber 30. Of course, everything has its cons. I found myself re-applying it almost every hour to look refreshed.

A trick I found helpful à la TikTok recommended topping it off with setting spray. I got the best results from Urban Decay’s All Nighter with Hyaluronic Acid and Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Spray. They’re both water-based, with over 10 hours of long-lasting results.

Pixi On-The-Glow Bronzer + Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum


Here’s a 2 for 1. For the girlies who like a bronzed, dewy look, this one's for you. Pixi’s On-The-Glow Bronzer takes a turn from the previous products. It’s in the form of a stick so I apply it directly from the tube and blend it with my fingers. I honestly wish Pixi made a jumbo stick for the full body. This less than an ounce tube is best used on the face, neck, collarbone, and (if you’re feeling extra) cleavage. Buildable colors like “RichGlow” (pictured) and “BeachGlow” are ideal for deep skin tones and are perfect for adding warmth to your face instead of using contour products.

Aside from looking like Laneige literally crushed up diamonds for this formula, the Glowy Makeup Serum is just as beneficial as it is pretty. Directions include adding drops to your foundation for long-lasting wear or using it as a makeup primer. I prefer to use it as the final step to my skincare even after sunscreen if I’m in a minimal makeup mood. Honestly, I haven’t used a face serum that’s kept my skin this hydrated for hours.

ILIA Liquid Light Serum Highlighter


Remember the Twilight friend I mentioned? ILIA’s Liquid Light Serum Highlighter is her in a bottle. You know how we add highlighter under our brows to enhance the arch and illuminate our eyes? Imagine that effect all over your body with the addition of ultra shimmer. At first glance, I didn’t expect to see a difference between any of the three shades – “Nova,” “Atomic,” and “Astrid” (recommended for deep tones). But there actually are noticeable subtle changes in their gold hues. I stayed away from Nova (soft gold) because I noticed a bit of a white cast after applying it, but “Atomic” (pink pearl) wasn’t as unforgiving.

Pro tip: add a small dot to your foundation before applying it to your face and neck to keep the look even. Thank me later.

Gorgeous skin doesn’t stop at your face. Your body deserves to shine, too! Treat yourself to one or all of these goodies and let your summer skin get its glow on.

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