12 Men Share How They Personally Define The Word 'Soulmate'
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12 Men Share How They Personally Define The Word 'Soulmate'

I’ll tell y’all what — when it comes to dealing with matters of the heart, if there’s one word that, if you happened to poll 20 people at a time, they would probably not agree on its definition, it would have to be the word “soulmate.”

As for me personally, because I tend to be pretty word-literal and I know that soul means “the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body” and “the spiritual part of humans regarded in its moral aspect” while mate means “to marry or join in marriage” and also “a fellow member or joint occupant of a specified thing” — I tend to see soulmates as individuals who are connected to our spirits in very profound ways so that our quality of life is enhanced on a truly remarkable level. I also believe that not all soulmates are romantic partners.

I must say, though, that another definition I adore is the Jewish one for soulmate; it’s bashert and it means “destiny” — yep “destiny” in the sense of two people who were predestined to be together. Yeah, that might sound like fairy tales and butterflies on the surface yet if you do a deep dive into Jewish culture and where the word is actually coming from, while it does talk about a soul that is cut into a male and female half and then joined back together, it also speaks of the purpose of a marital soulmate being someone who challenges you to become your truest and highest spiritual self.

Gee, does that sound like someone who makes you happy all of the time? Hmph. Sounds more like soulmates are about being in a mature relationship that will get you to grow in a way that no other relationship on this planet can…or will. Sounds to me like being married to your soulmate is where the big kids play.

That’s just two definitions, though, and, as you’re about to see, there are a myriad of others. For me, it was fun to tackle this article because you’re going to hear how 12 different men define “soulmate” for themselves. My hope is that it will encourage you to give some deep(er) thought into how you see the word for yourself — in hopes that it will encourage you to approach your own relationships from an even bigger (and more spirit-filled) perspective.

*Per usual for me, with these types of articles, middle names have been used, so that people can speak freely*

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1. Kayin. 30. Married for 18 Months.

“Now, this is an interesting question that I don’t think I’ve ever been asked before — which is surprising because my wife has seen every rom-com in the world. Do I think that I’m married to my soulmate? In a practical sense, yes, because she is the woman who I intentionally decided to commit the rest of my life to, have children with, and hopefully prepare for heaven with. In the way that a lot of people see the word, I think my first love was my soulmate because I never experienced love on any kind of life-changing level until her. Who breaks you open and reveals yourself to you, that is what a soulmate is to me.”

2. Garren. 36. In a Serious Relationship.

“Asking men what a soulmate is — now ain’t this a trip? I think that guys only fall in love once or twice in their lifetime, and both of those women are their soulmate. In spite of what a lot of women think, men take love seriously; that’s why we don’t do it very often. But if you’re a woman who can get us to go all in with you, you’ve got a piece of us that we mostly keep hidden, and if that doesn’t make you a soulmate, nothin’ does.”

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3. Osher. 42. Engaged.

“I think your soulmate is a decision: you choose who you want to ‘mate’ your soul with. It might not sound romantic, but that’s how I see it. For men, that’s big because we’re not just out here wanting to give our soul to someone else. The soul is huge. But if we decide, on our own, to share our life with someone, for the rest of our life, we take you very seriously. A soulmate, to me, is a wife.”

4. Everson. 25. Single.

“I’ve only had two men in my life even use the word “soulmate.” One is my grandfather, and he said that his first love, not my grandmother, was his soulmate after my grandmother died. The other is this guy I work with. He sends his wife flowers once a week, and she sends his favorite cookies to work often and whenever he’s ordering them or eating her cookies, he says that he can’t wait to get home to see his soulmate. I’ve never asked the men what they mean; I just always assumed that the woman who impacts your life like no one else is your soulmate.”

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5. Warren. 34. Married for Five Years.

“My soulmate isn’t my wife. People can think however they want to about that. My soulmate prepared me for my wife. Before I got married, there’s no way I would’ve even considered jumping a broom, but when I was around 26, I met a woman who wasn’t like anyone I had ever met. She influenced the way I thought about spirituality, Blackness, travel, sex, manhood — she impacted me in every way. For about eight months, she was a big part of my world, and then…she wasn’t. A few months later, I met my wife. ‘She’ came along to get me where I am now. No one will get me to think something different.”

6. Noah. 40. Dating.

“I think a soulmate is someone you don’t have to settle to have. What I mean is, you don’t have to give up your spiritual growth for your sexual needs or your emotional needs for someone who would be a great mother. Too many people I know, who are married, act like they ended up with a fraction of what they wanted and that it had to be that way. Soulmates are a complete package; that’s why they’re so hard to find. I know two men who are with their soulmate, and one has been with her for almost 20 years. They’re the happiest men I know.”

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7. Robert. 40. Single.

My best [female] friend is my soulmate. I’ve known this for years. She challenges me. She’s who I trust more than anyone else. She helps me to see things through a woman’s lens in a way that I wouldn’t any other way. I can’t tell you how many times folks have asked us why we’re not married. The sexual attraction just isn’t there, and we’re both okay with that. I’ve never thought that you had to marry your soulmate; I just think they are meant to be in your life forever. We’re a package deal, so if I do get married, my wife will have to deal with that. And before you ask, my friend feels the same way about her future husband. We’ll see.”

8. John. 31. Engaged.

“I’ve had two soulmates: one is my fiancée, and the other is a woman who I had a deep sexual relationship with. My fiancée is my soulmate because I’m at a stage in my life when I want to become a higher version of myself, and I think she will help me get there. The other woman…before her, I only saw sex as ‘sex,’ but she made it a more spiritual experience. I felt very vulnerable, and I wouldn’t have seen sex as an intimate act without her. Women who change your life are soulmates.”

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9. Rorke. 28. Dating.

“If I’m gonna be real, my soulmate terrified me — that’s how I know that she was one. She knew me in a way that no other person ever has. She could read by body language, she knew what I was thinking a lot of the time, and she would cut to the chase when it came to a lot of my bulls-it, only she did it in a way that didn’t feel like she was attacking me more like she could see right through me. And the sex? You know that scene in ‘Boomerang’ when Eddie curled up in his bedspread after Robin left? That was me. Men know when they’ve met their match. Sometimes, we’re just not ready for her. My soulmate and I are friends, but only loosely now. She needs to be my wife or nothing else, and I’m just not ready for that.”

10. Wade. 31. Married for Three Years.

“Based on what you said you think a soulmate is, I don’t get how anyone sees something romantic about it. Seems to me that a soulmate is a lot of work — because if you want to do what’s best for your spirit, that kind of work isn’t easy. I asked my wife what she thinks a soulmate is, and she said it’s someone who you trust and desire above all else. I think it’s someone who you want to be a part of every aspect of your life — and you don’t come across that kind of person but once or twice in a lifetime.

"Whoever sees the depth of you, even the ugly parts, and you want them to stay, and they want to be there, through every season, that’s a soulmate. You won’t meet them often.”

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11. Mavuto. 27. Single.

“I don’t believe in soulmates like there is only one person for you in the world — there are too many people out here for that. I think that different soulmates bring you to different portals in life. One soulmate can help you to live ‘this’ kind of life, and another soulmate can help you to live ‘that’ kind of life. Soulmates are all about thinking about the kind of life you want to live and then selecting who can help you make it happen.”

12. Cian. 51. Married for 19 Years.

“There are friend-mates. There are sex-mates. There are purpose-mates. Then there are soulmates. When you’re ready to take your soul seriously, life will bring you someone who will elevate you in a way that makes you unrecognizable to yourself. My wife is that for me. She’s not the other kinds of mates that I mentioned in the sense of the tightest connection I’ve had with another human in those ways. She knows this. I’m not that for her, either. When you get to where your soul matters most to you, that other stuff matters, but it pales in comparison. Living my life with the one who is invested in my soul? She’s invaluable. Wouldn’t trade her for the world.”


I’m tellin’ y’all — don’t be out here thinking that social media “hot takes” are all that there is when it comes to learning about men (social media? Not even close). When you get a chance, sit down with some of the guys in your world. Ask them what they think a soulmate is. Their answers just might surprise you…challenge you too.

Just like the word “soulmate” is literally designed to do.

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