Should You Be The One To Pursue Your Future Husband? These Celebs Did!


Sitting and looking pretty while waiting on your crush to come your way is great, but are you possibly passing up on your future husband by playing the waiting game?

According to archaic gender roles, it's the man's job to approach a woman, not the other way around. That's possibly due to the initial approach being the first step in the courting process. However, that was then, and this is now. Modern times is telling women that if she's trying to get chose, then she needs to be doing the choosing! After all, we're now living in an age where women are confidently sliding all up and through DM's. So it's pretty much a "you snooze, you lose" situation.

Despite what Amber Rose has previously said, Kim Kardashian wasn't about to snooze and lose Kanye.

Kim and Kanye wedding portraitMrs. Kardasian-West is adamant she and her now-husband didn't officially become a thing until both were single and ready to mingle. And as much as Kanye showers her with more attention than a newborn, it was actually Kim who made the move that would ultimately end in her matrimonial happiness.

In a 2015 interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, Kim says she called up Kanye when her second marriage to NBA player Kris Humpries failed after 72 days. Apparently, Kanye had warned his future wife that her marriage to the ballplayer wasn't going to work out. When it didn't, Kim waited by the phone, thinking Kanye was going to call and rub it in. However, Kim made her move and surprisingly revealed that Kanye was hesitant to start a romantic relationship with her because she burned him before.

Explaining their five-year back-and-forth, she revealed:

I was always attracted to [Kanye]. I was always attracted [to him physically and his creativity].

When I first met him, we worked on a project together, and there was definitely a spark, but we were in other relationships, and we kept our distance, and that was really that. We met [in 2007] on a pilot him and Jimmy Kimmel were doing that didn't come to fruition.

We stayed in touch here and there and then when he wasn't in relationships, you know, it's just our timing would always not really coincide. And then, I think it was six months after I was newly single in like 2012, I was like, "Why not? What am I waiting for?" I called him because I'm sure it was really hurtful that I got married and, even though it's not like we communicated all the time, I knew what he was thinking. So I thought he was going to call me as soon as he knew that I was single again.

Kim & Kanye on their first date

He didn't, and so I called him, and I said, 'Hello? I thought you were at least going to call me and say, 'I told you so,' something?'" Then – he's always been a good friend to me. We've always been there for each other – then he invited me to a fashion show of his in Paris and I went, and then the magic happened. But then we both were like, 'Okay, is this going to be it?' And then, in my head, I was like, 'You know what? Screw it! This probably what I've been waiting for. It's been in front of my face.'

I think he was also cautious. Like, 'I've expressed myself for you and it didn't work out. You got married.' So I think he needed to make sure that I was sure, so he wasn't--I think it was more me pursuing me. Like, 'I know I am ready. I promise I'm ready now.'

And the rest is history! The couple of two adorable children will be celebrating their second-year anniversary May 24th!

Kim wasn't the only one, Solange Knowles wasn't afraid to step to her now-husband, Alan Ferguson. In our 2013 exclusive interview with her, Solo said she was never the type to play them waiting games.

I've been in a relationship now for five years. Certainly, in the beginning I was the one who approached him so I have always sort of historically been one of those girls that goes after something that I'm into. I'm not very old school and like, I'm gonna wait on you. Wait for you to approach me type of situation. I have a lot of guy-like quintessential relationship qualities that I have had to work on.

And like Kim K, Solo is now happily married.

Solange and Alan Ferguson

Have you ever been brave enough and made the first move?


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