Five Reasons To Get A Brazilian Wax (That Don't Have To Do With Sex)

Five Reasons To Get A Brazilian Wax (That Don't Have To Do With Sex)

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Getting a Brazilian wax has become a popular hair removal service recently, and it offers several advantages over shaving. While a bikini line wax snatches up the hairs that peek out from your bikini bottoms, a Brazilian wax removes all the hair down there, though you can opt to leave a strip or triangle. And while we are fierce advocates of doing whatever you want with your body hair, if you’re on the fence about a Brazilian bikini wax we have a few reasons why you should consider it.

Exfoliation Benefits

A Brazilian wax exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells, and leaving you with soft, buttery smooth skin. For the best results, head to a professional waxing center like the European Wax Center where an esthetician will gently walk you through the process - especially if it’s your first time. (Bonus: you’ll get your first wax on the house!) To continue exfoliating at home, consider taking home a soothing body polish that can be used daily to keep skin smooth between waxes.

Fewer Bumps

Those of us with curly hair are more likely to have razor bumps after shaving (which happens when the hair starts growing back under the skin) but waxing removes the hair from the root, decreasing the likelihood of ingrown hairs. The experts at European Wax Center use Comfort Wax® sourced from Europe that skin-soothing ingredients like Vitamin A to aid in cell reconstruction. After your reservation, you can take home the Ingrown Hair Serum or the Ingrown Hair Wipes - both products can be used twice a day to treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

Finer Hair

When you wax often, the hair is likely to grow back thinner and finer. Instead of the coarse hairs that grow in after shaving, waxing allows your hair to grow back finer each time that you wax. Though the first waxing session may be uncomfortable (consider taking some ibuprofen before your session), the process becomes more comfortable over time. Also, since waxing removes hair at the root, the experts at European Wax Center report that by your third wax, your hair will be growing at the same rate, so you can also forget about patchy, uneven growth or stray hairs!

Longer Lasting Results

Let’s face it, we’re all super busy, but the good news is getting a Brazilian wax can last up to four weeks. European Wax Centers also offer a line of SLOW body products that naturally slow hair regrowth at the root. Made with narcissus bulb extract, the collection includes body polish, body wash, and a body lotion that can minimize hair growth, helping you go even longer between sessions. We consider that a win!

Peace of Mind

Getting a Brazilian wax means you're good to go anytime, and there’s no need to panic if you get a last-minute invite to hang poolside with your friends. But if you do need a reservation asap, there are over 850 locations across the country and most European Wax Centers are open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. with most locations open on Sundays. The best part? Your EWC wax specialist will have you in and out in 15 minutes or less!

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