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Getting a Brazilian wax has become a popular hair removal service recently, and it offers several advantages over shaving. While a bikini line wax snatches up the hairs that peek out from your bikini bottoms, a Brazilian wax removes all the hair down there, though you can opt to leave a strip or triangle. And while we are fierce advocates of doing whatever you want with your body hair, if you’re on the fence about a Brazilian bikini wax we have a few reasons why you should consider it.

Exfoliation Benefits

A Brazilian wax exfoliates the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells, and leaving you with soft, buttery smooth skin. For the best results, head to a professional waxing center like the European Wax Center where an esthetician will gently walk you through the process - especially if it’s your first time. (Bonus: you’ll get your first wax on the house!) To continue exfoliating at home, consider taking home a soothing body polish that can be used daily to keep skin smooth between waxes.

Fewer Bumps

Those of us with curly hair are more likely to have razor bumps after shaving (which happens when the hair starts growing back under the skin) but waxing removes the hair from the root, decreasing the likelihood of ingrown hairs. The experts at European Wax Center use Comfort Wax® sourced from Europe that skin-soothing ingredients like Vitamin A to aid in cell reconstruction. After your reservation, you can take home the Ingrown Hair Serum or the Ingrown Hair Wipes - both products can be used twice a day to treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

Finer Hair

When you wax often, the hair is likely to grow back thinner and finer. Instead of the coarse hairs that grow in after shaving, waxing allows your hair to grow back finer each time that you wax. Though the first waxing session may be uncomfortable (consider taking some ibuprofen before your session), the process becomes more comfortable over time. Also, since waxing removes hair at the root, the experts at European Wax Center report that by your third wax, your hair will be growing at the same rate, so you can also forget about patchy, uneven growth or stray hairs!

Longer Lasting Results

Let’s face it, we’re all super busy, but the good news is getting a Brazilian wax can last up to four weeks. European Wax Centers also offer a line of SLOW body products that naturally slow hair regrowth at the root. Made with narcissus bulb extract, the collection includes body polish, body wash, and a body lotion that can minimize hair growth, helping you go even longer between sessions. We consider that a win!

Peace of Mind

Getting a Brazilian wax means you're good to go anytime, and there’s no need to panic if you get a last-minute invite to hang poolside with your friends. But if you do need a reservation asap, there are over 850 locations across the country and most European Wax Centers are open between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. with most locations open on Sundays. The best part? Your EWC wax specialist will have you in and out in 15 minutes or less!

The path to healing isn't linear, and wellness doesn't look the same for everyone. xoNecole's new wellness hub, Black Girl Whole, is a celebration of that fact.

Welcome to Black Girl Whole - the ultimate wellness destination to find your self-care rhythm. We're here to get you tapped into what makes you feel whole, happy, and full of joy. We're here to encourage you to focus more on the journey and less on the destination. We're here to inspire your greatness!

But let's be real — you can't have wholeness and healing without accountability, right? That's where our Black Girl Whole ambassadors come in. To help bring this new campaign to life, we've ushered in the help of some very talented and inspiring content creators: SAD Girl's Club founder Elyse Fox, model and activist Ebonee Davis, and content creator Thamarr Gurrier. The Black Girl Whole ambassadors were hand-selected by xoNecole to their own custom wellness challenges that we'll be following throughout the year. Whether it's journaling, taking more steps per day, or just getting more rest, there will be a mind, body, and spirit mission woven into each challenge to ensure you feel whole and happy from the inside out.

Meet our Black Girl Whole ambassadors below, and don't forget to check back to join our seasonal wellness challenges.

Ebonee Davis

Ebonee Davis is an American model, poet, actor, and activist from Seattle, Washington. Over the last six years Ebonee has become one of the fashion industry's most prominent voices, advocating for representation and diversity in front of the camera as well as behind it. In 2017, after penning an open letter to the fashion industry illuminating the importance of representation, Ebonee was asked to do a TED Talk at the University of Nevada on the topic of systemic bias in fashion which she titled "Black Girl Magic in the Fashion Industry". Following her talk, she has delivered countless speeches, participated on panels, and written for numerous publications, all while using her platform as a model to uplift, inspire and create space for those who visibility has been systematically denied.

Ebonee's BGW Affirmation: "I am a magnet for blessings."

Elyse Fox

Elyse Fox is a director, activist, and tastemaker living in New York City. You may have read her name in bylines for Vogue Magazine, Forbes and Broadly to name a few. Through her efforts to create access and community within the mental health world Elyse has partnered with Nike, Harvard University, The U.S. Intelligence Community, Instagram, and many more. Her mission is to connect communities, spread awareness and access to resources through vulnerability, gathering, and storytelling.

Elyse Fox BGW Affirmation: "Never build a life that you need to vacation from."

Thamarr Guerrier

Thamarr is a content creator and author of the blog "Musings Of A Curvy Lady." She's a positive body activist who fights to create the inclusion and visibility that is lacking in the fashion and beauty world. Thamarr started Musings Of A Curvy Lady in 2012 as an outlet to promote her personal style. Through her social media channels, she's constantly creating avenues for women to support other women.

Thamarr's BGW Affirmation: "I am healing more and more every day."

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Waxing just isn’t just about removing hair, it’s also a way to take care of your skin. The first step to any skincare routine is caring for your skin in its natural state, and a waxing routine from a professional salon like the European Wax Center can help improve your skin by keeping it soft and free of any irritating bumps. From facial waxing to underarm waxing and bikini waxing, a waxing treatment can leave your skin smooth and glowy. Below are three common skin concerns and how waxing can help your beauty routine.

Dull Skin - Facial waxing works as an instant exfoliator by removing dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, brighter layer underneath. Waxing your face isn’t just limited to your eyebrows or above your lip. European Wax Center offers wax services that include your chin, cheeks, sideburns, and your neck. Plus facial waxing can lead to smoother skin, which means a healthier foundation to apply makeup. European Wax Center recommends facial waxing every 2-3 weeks, and between sessions you can use the Face & Body Exfoliating Gel made with pineapple extract, aloe, and Vitamin A, C, and E.

Discoloration - While many of us grew up shaving our underarms, waxing is a great alternative and can also help even out your skin tone. Shaving can leave ingrown hairs and leave skin red and irritated while waxing gently exfoliates the area, leaving you with an even skin tone over time. In addition, European Wax Center’s Brightening Ingrown Hair Serum, which contains Vitamin C and Azelaic Acid, can be used to gently even out skin tone. At first, underarm hair should be waxed roughly every two weeks, but as the hair grows in thinner, the timeline can be extended.

Ingrown Hairs - Ingrown hairs can be painful and uncomfortable, but waxing is one of the best hair removal methods to prevent ingrown hairs. The most common area for ingrown hairs is the bikini area where hairs will often curl up and grow under the skin. The result is sometimes painful, red bumps, but that can be alleviated with a professional waxing service and taking care of our skin between sessions. European Wax Center offers Ingrown Hair Serum and the Ingrown Hair Wipes can be applied morning and night to treat ingrown hairs. Bikini waxes can be done every 3-4 weeks, and over time hair often becomes softer and sparse, decreasing the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

This post is in partnership with European Wax Center®

Whether you’re a skincare novice or someone who indulges in a rigorous nine-step Korean skincare routine, I think we can all agree that daily skincare is an irreplaceable part of self-care. Cleansing, moisturizer, and SPF are some non-negotiables when it comes to keeping our skin in tip-top shape. But believe it or not, there are some skincare faux pas you could be making on a daily basis without even realizing it. Regardless of where you are on your skincare journey, it’s never a bad time to assess those easily overlooked areas of improvement. And since your skin can’t talk back, why not take the initiative to give it some extra TLC in the form of nourishment, hydration, and protection?

Winter Carson, a Connecticut-based esthetician specializing in melanated skin tones, originally got her start as a makeup artist. Through her clients, she’s discovered that even the most devoted skincare aficionados can make missteps with their skincare routine that can leave their skin looking dull and delay the results they are aiming for.

We spoke to Carson about some common skincare faux pas you could be making (especially when you add waxing to the equation), and how to be more deliberate about your specific skincare needs as they change over time.

You’re Not Giving Your Skin Enough Moisture

You may think that your daily moisturizer is doing the trick, but it might be time to go the extra mile to ensure your skin gets a little extra love post-cleanse. After all, moisture is essential to protecting your skin barrier. “One thing I’m commonly seeing with my clients right now is dehydration in the skin,” Carson explains. “During the cold winter months, a lot of us just weren't pouring enough moisture into our skin as we should've been.” If your skin is particularly parched, incorporate products like hydrating serums and essences before applying your moisturizer to make sure your skin is properly nourished. You should also consider treatments, like overnight masks, that tackle dryness in your sleep.

You’re Not Wearing The Right Underwear Post-Wax

There’s nothing more satisfying than that baby-smooth skin after a fresh wax. However, if you’re not instituting the proper post-wax care, you’re leaving the skin down there at risk. “Post-wax care is extremely important,” says Carson. “You’ll want to do everything you can to reduce inflammation within the skin and minimize the recurrence of ingrown hairs. Try not to apply a lot of friction to that area. Wearing cotton underwear is also supportive of making sure that you get the best results out of your wax. I think European Wax Center does a really great job of cleansing the skin before the wax and making sure that they offer you product options to help with the best results post wax as well.” If you’re an avid waxer, make sure you invest in post-wax care products like an ingrown hair serum and gentle exfoliator that will nourish and hydrate the skin properly in-between waxes.

You’re Not Exfoliating Enough

Not only is exfoliation an important part of the skin care process — it also affects how well the other products in your routine are working. Carson says that exfoliating one to two times per week can help clear congestion in the skin, prevent ingrown hairs after waxing, also help your serums and moisturizers penetrate the skin. “It’s all about making sure that we're focusing on taking that extra step of exfoliating the body in ways that can support a cleanser doing its job,” says Carson. “[But going back to point number one]. If you're going to exfoliate, you want to give your skin equal parts moisture. Try to keep that balance going and even to give them references. I like to call it Treatment Tuesdays and Treatment Thursdays, TT for short, just so you remember to use more nourishing products on the days you’re not exfoliating.” Carson also advises you to look out for dry patches, inflammation, and redness, as these are huge skincare red flags that can indicate over-exfoliation.

You’re Not Using Enough SPF

If you don’t already know, SPF is key no matter your skin tone or type. If sunscreen is already a staple in your routine, great! Just make sure you’re wearing enough. Carson says as a rule of thumb, the two-finger method (where you squeeze the product in two separate lines on your pointer and middle finger) is an easy way for you to measure how much sunscreen to apply to your face. For your body, one ounce (or enough to fill a shot glass) is a great amount to aim for. “I really emphasize the importance of sunscreen to my clients. If you’re using ingredients like vitamin C, glycolic, and salicylic acid on your skin to clear up hyperpigmentation and texture, you’ll need to protect that investment with sunscreen. It's very important, no matter your color.”

You Only Care About The Skin On Your Face

Making sure you apply the same level of detail to all of your skin, and not just the skin on your face, is key. “I love dry brushing and recommend it to my clients,” Carson says. “I love really stimulating the skin cells to be clear and moisturizing the skin. I've noticed lots of new products coming out encouraging us to mimic the routines on our bodies that we do on our faces. I think it's important we tend to our bodies the same way.” Winter also suggests finding an effective body cleanser to creates a proper foundation before applying body butters, body serums, and any other products you’re using to keep the skin glowy and hydrated.

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