Introducing The Ambassadors of xoNecole's Black Girl Whole Campaign

Introducing The Ambassadors of xoNecole's Black Girl Whole Campaign

The path to healing isn't linear, and wellness doesn't look the same for everyone. xoNecole's new wellness hub, Black Girl Whole, is a celebration of that fact.

Welcome to Black Girl Whole - the ultimate wellness destination to find your self-care rhythm. We're here to get you tapped into what makes you feel whole, happy, and full of joy. We're here to encourage you to focus more on the journey and less on the destination. We're here to inspire your greatness!

But let's be real — you can't have wholeness and healing without accountability, right? That's where our Black Girl Whole ambassadors come in. To help bring this new campaign to life, we've ushered in the help of some very talented and inspiring content creators: SAD Girl's Club founder Elyse Fox, model and activist Ebonee Davis, and content creator Thamarr Gurrier. The Black Girl Whole ambassadors were hand-selected by xoNecole to their own custom wellness challenges that we'll be following throughout the year. Whether it's journaling, taking more steps per day, or just getting more rest, there will be a mind, body, and spirit mission woven into each challenge to ensure you feel whole and happy from the inside out.

Meet our Black Girl Whole ambassadors below, and don't forget to check back to join our seasonal wellness challenges.

Ebonee Davis

Ebonee Davis is an American model, poet, actor, and activist from Seattle, Washington. Over the last six years Ebonee has become one of the fashion industry's most prominent voices, advocating for representation and diversity in front of the camera as well as behind it. In 2017, after penning an open letter to the fashion industry illuminating the importance of representation, Ebonee was asked to do a TED Talk at the University of Nevada on the topic of systemic bias in fashion which she titled "Black Girl Magic in the Fashion Industry". Following her talk, she has delivered countless speeches, participated on panels, and written for numerous publications, all while using her platform as a model to uplift, inspire and create space for those who visibility has been systematically denied.

Ebonee's BGW Affirmation: "I am a magnet for blessings."

Elyse Fox

Elyse Fox is a director, activist, and tastemaker living in New York City. You may have read her name in bylines for Vogue Magazine, Forbes and Broadly to name a few. Through her efforts to create access and community within the mental health world Elyse has partnered with Nike, Harvard University, The U.S. Intelligence Community, Instagram, and many more. Her mission is to connect communities, spread awareness and access to resources through vulnerability, gathering, and storytelling.

Elyse Fox BGW Affirmation: "Never build a life that you need to vacation from."

Thamarr Guerrier

Thamarr is a content creator and author of the blog "Musings Of A Curvy Lady." She's a positive body activist who fights to create the inclusion and visibility that is lacking in the fashion and beauty world. Thamarr started Musings Of A Curvy Lady in 2012 as an outlet to promote her personal style. Through her social media channels, she's constantly creating avenues for women to support other women.

Thamarr's BGW Affirmation: "I am healing more and more every day."

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