How To Choose A Waxing Routine According To Your Skin Concerns

How To Choose A Waxing Routine According To Your Skin Concerns


Waxing just isn’t just about removing hair, it’s also a way to take care of your skin. The first step to any skincare routine is caring for your skin in its natural state, and a waxing routine from a professional salon like the European Wax Center can help improve your skin by keeping it soft and free of any irritating bumps. From facial waxing to underarm waxing and bikini waxing, a waxing treatment can leave your skin smooth and glowy. Below are three common skin concerns and how waxing can help your beauty routine.

Dull Skin - Facial waxing works as an instant exfoliator by removing dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, brighter layer underneath. Waxing your face isn’t just limited to your eyebrows or above your lip. European Wax Center offers wax services that include your chin, cheeks, sideburns, and your neck. Plus facial waxing can lead to smoother skin, which means a healthier foundation to apply makeup. European Wax Center recommends facial waxing every 2-3 weeks, and between sessions you can use the Face & Body Exfoliating Gel made with pineapple extract, aloe, and Vitamin A, C and E.

Discoloration - While many of us grew up shaving our underarms, waxing is a great alternative and can also help even out your skin tone. Shaving can leave ingrown hairs and leave skin red and irritated while waxing gently exfoliates the area, leaving you with an even skin tone over time. In addition, European Wax Center’s Brightening Ingrown Hair Serum, which contains Vitamin C and Azelaic Acid, can be used to gently even out skin tone. At first, underarm hair should be waxed roughly every two weeks, but as the hair grows in thinner, the timeline can be extended.

Ingrown Hairs - Ingrown hairs can be painful and uncomfortable, but waxing is one of the best hair removal methods to prevent ingrown hairs. The most common area for ingrown hairs is the bikini area where hairs will often curl up and grow under the skin. The result is sometimes painful, red bumps, but that can be alleviated with a professional waxing service and taking care of our skin between sessions. Along with using the Ingrown Hair Serum or the Ingrown Hair Wipes, European Wax Center offers a travel kit with Ingrown Hair Patches that can be applied overnight to treat ingrown hairs. Bikini waxes can be done every 3-4 weeks, and over time hair often becomes softer and sparse, decreasing the occurrence of ingrown hairs.