How Quarterly Goals Can Help Set You Up For Success
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How Quarterly Goals Can Help Set You Up For Success

We have officially completed the first quarter of 2018! As of April, the first three months of 2018 have come and gone. And if you are anything like me, you most likely created a vision board, wrote out your goals, and even named your 2018 year (I named mine the year of Freedom). But like most people that sign up for a gym membership in January and never walk back into a gym again until January of the next year, we sometimes let our goals fall to the wayside.

One reason why our goals fall to the wayside is because we don't completely think our goals through. Yes, it's exciting to write down a goal like, "Buy my dream home in 2018," and post it on social media so that everyone can cheer you on, but like most goals, it's easier said than done. And once you sit down with a financial advisor and they lay out all the steps you have to complete in order to purchase your dream home, that's when it typically hits you that this isn't an easy goal to complete.

To combat that, consider quarterly goals. Quarterly goals are a perfect way to keep you on track because you're able to check in on your progress in increments, as well as detail the steps 1, 2, 3, to get you from A to B. Now that we have entered the second quarter of the year, it's the perfect time to revisit those goals that you made in the beginning of the year.

Here are three steps to assessing your progress for the quarter in the year so far:

Check In On Your Progress

You won't know how far you have to go, or how far you've already come, if you don't check in on your progress. If this year's goal was to lose 30 pounds, where are you on that scale? Even more importantly, what actionable steps have you set in place to help you leverage that goal? The same questions can be applied to virtually any type of goal you've set for yourself, from love and work, to food and finances. Check in on your progress today to see how close you are or how much more work you to have to do to compete this goal.

Get Real With Yourself

Now that you've checked in on your progress, get real with yourself. Ask yourself what you could be doing better in the pursuit of your higher self. Could you incorporate more walks during your work week? Could you create a budget and stick to it? Could you cut out frivolous spending? If you find yourself waning on this journey, hone in on your why. Your why is what will push you to complete your goal, no matter how bleak the present seems.

Write That Sh*t Down

Sometimes we make goals but don't write down all the necessary steps to complete those goals, and that can be the very thing that might have you at a standstill with the goals you set out to accomplish. For each goal, break them down to the smallest detail possible. If your goal this year is to finally get your small business off the ground, make a checklist of what seeing the fruits of that labor will require: a business plan, a business license, a social media strategy, etc. Don't be afraid to get specific. This will help you visualize the future you wish to create.

Take things goal-setting a step further by writing little notes to self to guide you on your journey and act as reminders. Whether it's the bathroom mirror, your cubicle wall at your desk at work, or the dashboard in the car - write it down and watch it happen.

Life is all about choices, and you can either choose to push through, or you can choose to give up. When you sign up for a gym membership - that part is easy. The hard part comes in when you are five minutes into your elliptical workout, hot and ready to cry because of the sensation of the burn that is moving through your inner thighs and you have about 15 more minutes before the workout is complete.

No matter how difficult the process, there is so much fulfillment when you finish a goal and see it to completion. Keep going, sis.

What dreams are you determined to manifest this year? Are there any roadblocks or obstacles standing in the way? What are you doing to work through it?

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