Melissa Mitchell On Finding Her Purpose As A Painter And Being A Master Manifestor

"I kept praying for my 'why' and God gave me art."


You don't have to know anything about who Melissa Mitchell is or the brand she's built for her to catch your eye. Consistently dressed in bright fabrics from head to toe, the colorful mosaic patterns displayed on the headwraps, kimonos, leggings, and now facemasks she never leaves home without are truly wearable art — her art that she creates under the brand Abeille Creations.

"I am a person who dreams really really big and once I get something in my head it has to happen," Mitchell told me sitting in her home with a painting that reads "This is the house art built" hovering above us. "If God showed it to me it has to be a reason so I'm going to make it happen."

The revelation that art would open up an entirely new world for Mitchell came during a bout of boredom in the midst of a snowstorm in 2014 when she picked up a paintbrush for the very first time...

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Featured image courtesy of Melissa Mitchell/Abeille Creations

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