Mariah The Scientist's "From A Woman," Ice Spice's "Pretty Girl," & Other Singles To Have In Rotation Now
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Mariah The Scientist's "From A Woman," Ice Spice's "Pretty Girl," & Other Singles To Have In Rotation Now

The music of this week has continued the trend of artists harmonizing about love and the various stages of their respective relationships. Songs like Jamila Woods' "Practice" and "Closer to God" depict the divine and human love growing together. While "What Now" and Offset's "WORTH IT," depict romantic partnerships navigating difficult terrain.

Some songs, like "SAY MY GRACE" and "Capable of Love," express a yearning for the past, while others, like "From A Woman" and "From A Man," were written with love in mind. This week's music proves that stunning innovation will always be inspired by human connection, regardless of whether those relationships are beneficial or not.

"What Now" - Brittany Howard

It's been eight years since the Alabama Shakes came out with an album. And in those eight years, I understand why their hiatus may be indefinite, though, it doesn't mean I have to like it. What I do have to like, or better yet, what I can't help but like, is the very thing that made Alabama Shakes so damn good: Brittany Howard.

Howard sings about a succession of relationship problems and a reluctance to apologize in her newest single as a solo artist, which also serves as an announcement for her upcoming album. These tremors might be the beginning of an irreversible split.

She doesn't intend to argue with her boyfriend, but she has grown weary of speculating about what greater fulfillment could be waiting on the other side. In the end, she isn't sorry and doesn't know where the relationship will end up now. Howard delivers a strong, soulful vocal performance over a tight, funky beat. With some blues, it sounds like a tune from the late 1980s or early 1990s and is perfect for the chill autumn vibe.

"From A Woman" - Mariah the Scientist

Atlanta singer-songwriter Mariah the Scientist's 2023 track "From A Woman" is thought to be a "female" rendition of her partner Young Thug's song "From A Man." In the song, Mariah sings about finding someone she can depend on and have complete faith in. At times addressing Young Thug directly, Mariah the Scientist fluidly changes her vocal range from a light timbre to a clean falsetto to showcase the winding route that love has led her down and the ecstatic joy that someone has when they realize they have found love after never having believed in its existence.

This fall, "From A Woman" is a sweet ballad that belongs on every playlist. And it is another reason to wonder why more listeners haven't already flocked to the R&B singer.

"From A Man" - Young Thug

Young Thug has been releasing music steadily since May 2022 while being detained in Atlanta on a number of RICO-related allegations. His most recent song, "From A Man," which was posted online about a year ago, discusses Thug's accomplishments and many awards while he demands the respect he feels he is due. Despite what his detractors may think, he concludes the song by saying that his financial success has only given him advantageous circumstances and doesn't seem to be ending soon. This song is characteristic of Young Thug in that it offers both praise and criticism. If you're a huge fan of Young Thug, you'll like listening to it. He continues to employ the same auto-tuned falsetto, ATL trap rhythms, and mumbled words as before.

Although the song is named after and romantically associated with Mariah the Scientist's track "For A Man," there is no obvious connection between the two songs. The only reason these tracks make sense as a pair is so that Mariah the Scientist may promote both singles while Young Thug is still awaiting trial and perhaps to draw in more listeners to the R&B artist. Sadly, it appears that this single will receive more accolades than the one that is actually deserving of it.

"WORTH IT" - Offset & Don Toliver

Offset doesn't have the biggest fan in me, but over the past few months, I'm beginning to change my mind. Since its announcement, many fans have been anticipating the release of the brand-new album Set It Off, especially after all Offset has experienced in the past several months, from his conflict with former group member, Quavo, to the passing of the beloved Takeoff. On September 30, 2023, Offset's SET IT OFF album listening party in Paris, France, featured a live performance of this suave Offset and Don Toliver duet.

Now, with the depiction of the suffering that comes with love, over some gentle guitar chords, it is clear why this has become a popular song since the album's release. As Don sings about a special woman who is aggressively shattering his heart, listeners receive subdued notes that Toliver glides on with strong, crisp vocals. Meanwhile, Offset flows over the verses in a concentrated and purposeful manner that isn't always associated with the rapper. With this unexpected duo, this will be the ideal song to add to your autumn playlist.

"Closer To God" - Diddy ft. Teyana Taylor

With their most recent song, Teyana Taylor and Diddy bring us "Closer to God" as she briefly comes out of retirement. Displaying unbelievable vocal skills, Taylor sings about how being with her love makes her feel closer to God. Taylor, who calls the song a "message of love," also directs the music video, which illustrates the spiritual trip she underwent in the process of collaborating with Diddy on the track. The video conveys the profound emotion of feeling divinely linked while in the midst of real love.

According to Taylor the song is meant to depict the enchantment of meeting someone who draws you nearer to the sacred, together with genuine emotion and vulnerability. The song is goooood, and it makes us all wish Taylor was still recording music. It also makes us appreciate Diddy while he continues to produce.

"Practice" - Jamila Woods ft. Saba

Although the video is entertaining and attractive, I'm not a great fan of how the concept for the video was carried out, but it's fun, and the music deserves praise. The last lead song from Jamila Woods' album Water Made Us, "Practice," includes a verse from Chicago collaborator Saba. The message of the song, according to Woods, is that we don't have to "get everything right" or "have everything together" to just enjoy ourselves and be in the moment with someone. With her comments, Woods extols the virtues of the relationship that blossoms slowly and without undue stress.

Woods says of the song, "I was trying to shift how I often evaluate relationships based on their potential for longevity rather than how I feel in the moment." The song is endearing, sweet, and has a nice melody. It would make a lovely anthem for this season of romance and stillness.

The song's title, "Practice," interpolates the words "We're talkin' bout practice, talkin' about," which the legendary Sixer Allen Iverson repeated 22 times in a news conference in 2002, further adding to its charm.

"TK421" - Lenny Kravitz

You would be doing yourself a disservice if you listened to this song without watching the accompanying video. Lenny Kravitz makes an appearance to rip through his most recent hit, "TK421," in his customary ageless style. Even though I am unclear of the song's specific title, Star Wars is probably the best guess; it doesn't matter since it is a thirst trap unlike any other. A Prince-coded funk-rock tune, this new track is taken from his forthcoming album Blue Electric Light, which is set to release next March.

In this video, Kravitz goes through his morning routine, dancing naked throughout the house, smoking in a towel, and swaying in leather jeans as he sings in the bathtub. The song is fun and reminiscent of the time when Kravitz used to control all of our playlists.

"Capable of Love" - PinkPanthress

I was vocal in my "Why?" when PinkPanthress announced the release of another song. This isn't meant as a critique of the artist because I like her singles. I did, however, start to wonder why she had been in such a hurry. This pondering lasted for only a few minutes because PinkPanthress revealed the release date of her first album, Heaven Knows (November 10), within the same hour. She makes every second count in the record's newest single, "Capable of Love," which clocks in at just under four minutes.

In the film, PinkPanthress makes her way across a field carrying a suitcase while singing. There, she discovers a huge hole in the ground and utilizes it as a means of release, throwing an old phone, scribbled notes, and abandoned possessions into the gloom, only to later follow its destruction through a portal. The song is catchy, as all PinkPanthress songs are, and is fun and energetic as its synthetic rhythms force you to dance along.

"Pretty Girl" - Ice Spice & Rema

Today, an Afrobeats single featuring Ice Spice and Nigerian singer Rema will be released. In the Bronx drill scene, Ice Spice is a budding talent. The song, which celebrates her Nigerian background, expresses optimism that if you give someone the chance to win your heart, they won't break it. Ice Spice promises to treat Rema kindly and to make sure he remains her first priority after hearing his request.

This song is perfect since it captures both the summertime exuberance and the serene mood that allows it to be played at any time. If the song succeeds, it will be the Bronx drill rapper's sixth number-one hit on the charts. After his Selena Gomez's "Calm Down" remix rocked the summer, Rema will soon have his second smash.

"SAY MY GRACE" - Offset ft. Travis Scott

Offset returned to the top with yet another hit after the release of an album, official video, and lyric video. The trap, drill-like sound in this song gives it the same usual ATL rap vibe as before. Offset and Travis Scott, longtime friends and regular collaborators, reunite on the hotly anticipated single "SAY MY GRACE."

Offset and Travis Scott, two of Takeoff's closest friends and collaborators, are still deeply affected by his passing. Offset makes mention of Takeoff's death and that of his grandma in the opening verse.

He is seeking solutions that will probably never materialize, and knowing this, he just returns to doing what he knows, which is saying his grace. Travis Scott addresses his sorrow for Takeoff's murder in his guest verse as well. In the end, the song is a good dedication to the loss Offset has experienced in the last year and the various ways he has learned to cope with it.

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