I Love My Job, But Not The Anxiety

I Love My Job, But Not The Anxiety


The Happy Hour squad is getting real about the anxiety, stress and burnout that comes with their careers and dream jobs. Although black women have become advocates for therapy, healing from past traumas and childhood wounds, when it comes to our wellness in the workplace, we've been slow to remove our superwoman capes.

Inspired by the xoNecole.com article, "I Took A Two-Month Leave From Work For My Mental Health", in this episode, the ladies share their different encounters with anxiety while on the clock. From Necole feeling burnt out from the acquisition and expansion of xoNecole and Sheriden becoming a slave to her inbox, to Amer working in a no-days-off environment with tough management to match, each story is a reminder of the importance of putting yourself first.

And thanks to advice from clinical psychologist Dr. Ayanna Abrams, you'll learn how to fill your cup instead of your to-do list.