Draya Dropped The Sensitive Skincare Routine That Keeps Her Exfoliated AF
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Draya Dropped The Sensitive Skincare Routine That Keeps Her Exfoliated AF

Spring cleaning doesn't just apply to your closet, your pores need love too, sis and Draya just dropped the brightening nighttime skincare routine that will help you say goodbye to dull, dead skin and hello to a freshly exfoliated face.

In Harper's Bazaar's Go To Bed With Me, the Basketball Wives star spilled all the tea on her favorite products to use after a long day, the first of which is a silk scrunchie, which Draya says can ultimately prevent breakage:

"If I'm going to bed, I like to use a nice silk scrunchie. These are supposed to be really good for your hair and stop breakage."

The mompreneur explained that as a sister in the dry skin struggle, she makes her nighttime skincare routine a priority. Using an array of products from Sunday Riley and this "aggressive exfoliant," Draya says that she's able to prevent signs of aging and keep her normally dry skin hydrated AF.

"I have a lot of texture issues and that can cause my makeup to look kind of cakey. So I like to take off a layer of skin each week. And my favorite product to use for that at the moment is Glamglow Flashmud. It's a very strong and aggressive exfoliant. You do this on dry skin."

During the video, Draya also dropped a few other beauty tips and explained that while exfoliating is key, your eyebrows must be protected at all costs during this process:

"Because over-exfoliating them, you can lose hairs. And I like every single hair in my eyebrows."

To see Draya's full beauty routine, scroll below!

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Hydrating Lip Mask 

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The Body Crème Tube By La Mer 

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Draya Michele's Nighttime Skincare Routine For Dry Skin | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAARwww.youtube.com

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