Carol’s Daughter’s New #BORNandMADE Campaign Makes You Evaluate Your Evolution

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Have you really grown?

It’s the daunting question that we find ourselves asking every few years while on the quest to be the best person we can be: Have I evolved?

Beauty brand Carol’s Daughter is helping young beauties across the world answer that question by relaunching their empowering “Born & Made” campaign!

Focusing on growth, the campaign is empowering women to speak about their powerful journeys through a fun, animated gif that highlights who they are #BornandMade to be in 3 simple steps.

Create your #BornandMade journey on BornandMade.com and share on Instagram

I love this because I think about when I first started my blog as NecoleBitchie - BORN: a person chasing their dreams, MADE: a top blogger in the entertainment industry. I did the sleeping on couches; I was always in a different state whenever someone called me. I didn’t have a steady job. Friends and family all looked at me as though I didn’t have myself together. But, years later it, with persistence it all paid off. It takes time to get to that breakthrough.

And once you get there, you have to figure out how you will continue to evolve in your career and as a person.

I recommend that you create your own and really reflect on your personal journey of the old you vs. the new you.

[Tweet "Create your own and really reflect on your personal journey of the old you vs. the new you."]

The campaign features singer Andra Day, Orange Is the New Black actress Dascha Polanco, and model Nazanin Mandi.

You can see their personal #BornandMade stories below:



Create your own #BornandMade story by going to bornandmade.com!

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