7 'Gratitude' Sex Positions For When You Want To Feel Like The Main Course

7 'Gratitude' Sex Positions For When You Want To Feel Like The Main Course

I don’t know about you, but I’m making "gratitude sex" a thing this season. I’ve felt such a positive shift in my life since leading with an attitude of gratitude, and I thought, why not apply that to how I approach my sex life? Sex for me has always been a space for connection, renewal, and restoration.

Whether I’m on my knees, in complete control on top, or relishing in surrender while on my back, the pleasure I feel, the vulnerability I experience, and the touch, sight, and sounds of the man I’m writhing against as I reach my peak of completion are reminders of the power of great sex. Every time I breathe out “oh sí, oh sí” in rapid succession and the stroke hits my center just right, I’m also served a reminder of the gratitude that comes with cumming. But gratitude sex is more than being grateful for the actual act of sex, it's about placing yourself in positions (pun intended) where you can be on the receiving end of pleasure, attention, and appreciation.

This season, and any season really, I encourage you to add some gratitude to your sex life and give yourself permission to be the object of desire. As women, it turns us on to be the turn-on in sexual situations. And lately, the sex positions on my radar are a testament to that sentiment. The ‘gratitude’ sex positions below are positions that make my pleasure the focus. And trust and believe, the sex positions below are making sure your pleasure is served.

Keep reading for gratitude sex positions to try whenever you want to feel like the main course.

(Editor's note: "Receiving partner'" refers to the partner receiving the penetration. "Giving partner" refers to the partner doing the penetration.)

1.The Pretzel


Qori B.

Depending on who you ask, this sex position is referred to as the Pretzel or even the Linguini. Either way, it is a purveyor of earth-shattering orgasms (due to the depth both parties feel) that not enough people pull up on their sex position rotation. To do it, the receiving partner lies on their side. The giving partner will then kneel behind the receiving partner's ass before pushing one of their knees in between the receiving partner's legs for access to penetrate.

The receiving partner can relax while the giving partner does the work in this position but can also opt for using a headboard as support to throw it back. Anal play is also easy to add to this position.

2.Begging for Mercy


Qori B.

Although I am a big fan of doggy, I understand those who aren’t the biggest fan of the position. But if you love the depth of doggy style but don’t want to sacrifice a feeling of intimacy, look no further than this position. In this variation, instead of the receiving partner being on all fours, both partners will kneel and position themselves upright. The giving partner will enter from the back and the both of you will rock against each other. For maximum pleasure, the giving partner can play with your clit as the two of you writhe. Orgasms unlocked.

3.Asian Cowgirl


Qori B.

Very similar to the OG Cowgirl position, Asian Cowgirl is a variation of the classic woman-on-top sex position. I say if you have the knee and leg strength to do it, give this one a go because it's great if you're looking for a more intense ride and deeper penetration while being on top. In order to do this, the receiving partner will get on top of the giving partner and squat over them, resting their feet on the bed. The receiving partner will then move up and down along the giving partner's length, using the giving partner's legs or chest for support as needed.

4.The Bridge


Qori B.

The giving partner might have to put a little more work in for this one but the clitoris access makes it so worth it. For The Bridge position, the giving partner will prop themselves up on their hands and feet by making an arch. Once they are in position, the giving partner will kneel in front of the receiving partner and penetrate them. And then, the receiving partner just receives as the giving partner puts in the work with their stroke.

For added support, the giving partner can lift the receiving partner’s ass while thrusting. The giving partner can feel free to add some breast and nipple play into the mix while they’re at it for even more intensity.

5.Bent Spoon 


Qori B.

A variation of the classic spooning sex position, the Bent Spoon is highly regarded as a catalyst for G-spot orgasms to be made possible. Balance is most definitely required, but the fruits of your labor will truly taste sweet. In order to do the Bent Spoon, the giving partner needs to lie on their back. After that, the receiving partner will get on top of the giving partner. In the end, they will both be facing upward while they are on top of each other. The giving partner will then spread their legs and bend their knees slightly to balance themselves.

Once they are both balanced, the receiving partner will bend their legs, bringing their knees higher to their chest as the giving partner begins their thrusts. For further support, the receiving partner can prop their feet on their partner's knees.

6.Rock the Boat


Qori B.

In this kneeling position, the giving partner will get on their knees and sit down against the backs of their legs. The receiving partner will then get on top of them by sitting down in a squat and taking in the giving partner’s length slowly. The magic is in the teamwork for this one. The receiving partner will use their legs for strength and balance as they move up and down the giving partner’s length. If additional support is needed, the receiving partner can wrap their arms around the giving partner’s neck.

7.Polar Opposites


Qori B.

You know what they say, opposites attract, and for this sex position, Polar Opposites highlight exactly why that is. To do this sex position, both partners will lie down facing upwards but in the opposite direction (as illustrated above). The giving partner will lie down first with their legs closed and the receiving partner will position themselves on top of them in the opposite direction. The giving partner will penetrate from behind while the giving partner is positioned on top of him. For more intensity, the receiving partner can close their legs more tightly, allowing the giving partner's head to rest comfortably between the receiving partner's feet.

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