10 Times Tracee Ellis Ross Did It For The 'Gram & We Loved It!
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10 Times Tracee Ellis Ross Did It For The 'Gram & We Loved It!

"Style is how you do things and and not what you wear." - Tracee Ellis Ross

For most of us, we have a relentless admiration for Joan aka Rainbow aka Tracee Ellis Ross. Her large debut as the sassy, smart, and quirky lawyer, Joan Clayton, on the hit show Girlfriends back in the beginning of the millennium sparked this blessed love affair. We have known her for a while, especially with her mother being the iconic Diana Ross. That alone speaks to her intrinsic sense of style.

When speaking withInStyle Magazine, the black-ish star shared, "There were beautiful things everywhere, but there was a sense of taking care of and cherishing beauty. And also of not taking things too seriously. You could be climbing all over my mom's head while she'd be sitting in an interview, putting your handprints on everything."

As she ages like the finest of wines, she is fully aware that she now has more courage to truly wear what she desires.

Ross also told InStyle, "The 'I woke up like this' thing? Bullshit!" she says. "Black-ish is in HD, darling! There's no Vaseline on the lenses. At 18, I might have woken up like this. At 45, I fucking work for it. I love potato chips more than anything in the world, and so I work out hard. I put masks on my face. I take care of myself. And, by the way, to me, self-care does not mean going to the spa. It's learning to say no. It's knowing yourself so you can make choices that are an expression of you. That's self-care."

We are always so inspired by her looks so we decided to round up some of our favorite looks. Check them out!

Tracee is he queen of sneakers and dresses. She knows how to effortlessly elevate any look.

Are you a part of the #TraceeHive? Which look is your favorite?




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