20 Photos That Prove Diana & Tracee Ellis Ross Will Forever Be Our Beauty & Style #Goals

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By definition, a style icon is someone who is known or popular for being highly fashionable. This means we probably need to create an entirely new term for this effortlessly iconic mother-daughter duo simply because they bring so much more to the table.

Nearly 60 years ago, at only 15 years old, Diana Ross joined the Supremes and introduced to the world a force to be reckoned with. As a Grammy Lifetime Award recipient and part of one of the most successful groups in Motown history, throughout her career, Diana made it a point to pave a way for women of color to be unapologetically fabulous and passed this mantra on to her children. Tracee Ellis Ross, who is a legend in her own right and inspires us all with her insightful life advice and bomb hair, often credits her mother for her incredible sense of style and beauty. She told E! News:

"I grew up thinking a sparkly dress is the way to go. Big hair—the way to go. Good smile—the way to go," said Tracee. "I think I learned by example and also by—like most young girls—going into my mom's closet and stealing sh*t."

From their eccentric wardrobe to their effortlessly glamorous makeup and skin, it's clear that the Ross ladies have access to a fountain of youth we could only dream about.

The "I'm Coming Out" singer and her now 46-year-old daughter have been slaying and snatching wigs for decades, so it's only right that before the end of International Women's Month, we take the time to give these two legends their flowers.

Albert L. Ortega/Getty

Diana Ross recently brought in her 75th birthday in style in a star-studded celebration featuring Beyonce's personal rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song, and if stars like Queen B and P Diddy were at the party, I'm sure it was a lituation to be remembered. As always, Diana and Tracee slid through the party and shut it down with their coordinated designer looks that had all eyes on them, but research shows that this is nothing new.

Through the years, Diana and Tracee Ellis Ross have consistently remained our beauty and style goals, proving time and time again that they aren't new to this, they're true to this.

Click through the gallery below to see some of our favorite moments from this iconic mother-daughter duo!

Facebook/Tracee Ellis Ross

Featured image by Getty / Michael Buckner/AMA2014.

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