14 Changes To Expect When You're Expecting


So, now that the cat is out of the bag...I guess I can finally start talking about all the things I've been through in the last 3+ months. Pregnancy in itself is a blessing, you're bringing new life into this world, starting a family, entering into a new chapter in your life...blah blah blah all the pretty storybook sh-t, right? Right!

But what they DON'T TELL YOUR ASS is all that comes along with that beautiful bundle of joy baking in your oven. But I'll tell y'all and you know I keeps it all the way real! So, for my ladies who are looking to become moms, for those in their first few weeks, for the nosy folks that just wanna know what happens, and for mamas that want a laugh with a little trip down memory lane, I'm gonna walk your through what you can expect, and what's been going down over here!

In no particular order of f-ckery:

1. Breast and Back Acne

Never in my entire life have I ever "struggled" with acne. Of course, in college, I had the typical bump that would appear on my nose or cheek at the perfectly WRONG time and I would be embarrassed beyond belief.

But this pregnancy acne y'all, is no joke and in the most awkward places. I swear I woke up one day covered in bumps, across my shoulders, down my cleavage, up my back. It has since cleared up but for a good month, I felt like a Braille map smh.

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