Trend Tracker: Here Are 5 Must-Have Hair Accessories For Fall

Dress up your fall wardrobe with a crown fit for a boss.

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Although we're almost midway through the season, you still have time to re-up on some fly af fall beauty trends before winter officially hits and xoNecole has you covered on all bases.

Along with saying hello to a new color palette and layering up, another way to elevate your wardrobe is by trying out some new headgear, and I don't mean your uncle's old Nike sweatband. The secret to leveling up your look may be adding a few dope hair accessories in the mix and with inspiration from celebrities like Tessa Thompson, Yara Shahidi, and La La Anthony, you will get your entire life with this list of must-try hair fall accessories that won't break the bank.

From throwback trends to new school fads, here are 5 dope outfit add-ons that you should put on your wishlist ASAP. Scroll below for details!

Studded Hair Clips

Styled by celebrity makeup artist, Myss Monique, recently La La Anthony rocked a fishtail ponytail with studded jewels that gave her the ultimate nightlife drip. These affordable hair accessories are sure to dress any outfit up and can be found anywhere from Nordstrom to Amazon.


If you're seeking a sleek style with a helluva edge, look no further than the bubble ponytail with ribbons that match your look for the day. While you may not have worn these old school accessories in years, adding ribbons to a previously traditional look is sure to take your look up a notch.

Gold Headbands

Put a new-aged spin on an old school trend by upgrading your headband game this autumn. From thin gold bands to thick strips of velvet, headbands may elevate your wardrobe in ways you didn't know you needed.

Oversized Hats 

Tracee Ellis Ross has a giant floppy hat and now I need one, too. As the queen of hair, beauty, and style, Sister Tracee can do no wrong, and this gigantic floppy hat is no exception. This look can be dressed up or down depending on your mood for the day.


When Yara Shahidi isn't taking over for the '99s and the 2000s, she's bringing back throwback-inspired trends that we can take advantage of all damn season. Elevate this look with a hoop earring and laid AF baby hair, please and thank you.

Featured image by Instagram/@lalaanthony.

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