Everything You Need To Know About This Year's Second Mercury Retrograde & What It Means For Your Sign

Everything You Need To Know About This Year's Second Mercury Retrograde & What It Means For Your Sign

The second out of the four Mercury retrogrades happening this year is occurring this month, and this Mercury retrograde is a reality check. Mercury was formerly in the earth sign Taurus and will be in retrograde from April 21 until May 14. To get down to the basics of what this particular Mercury retrograde is going to feel like, we examine Taurus. Taurus is a sign dedicated to groundedness, patience, and love, and enjoys all of the earthly pleasures this life has to offer. Taurus is also aligned with finances, and financial drama is more likely during this time. This Mercury retrograde is a big learning opportunity when it comes to defining where your true values and priorities are and how you could be getting in the way of not only accomplishing your goals but enjoying yourself too.

Over the next few weeks, the universe is asking you, how willing are you to remain patient for your seeds to bloom? If you knew what you wanted was going to come true for you, how would you act or move in the meantime? Would you enjoy your life more and find more gratitude, confidence, and stability today? This Mercury retrograde transit is overall a great time for some extra TLC, rest, open-mindedness, and flexibility. Mercury will be forming a conjunction with Uranus during this transit, and you can expect the unexpected. Things are shaking up during this Mercury retrograde, and once Mercury goes direct, a lot of people will find themselves on new ground and more aligned and assured with their path.


Mercury retrograde will be in your financial zone, and this is the time to put a little more precaution when it comes to finances, spending, and investments. You could be spending more than planned during this time or experiencing some unexpected financial revelations. Mercury retrograde will be showing you new avenues of wealth but also the importance of honoring your values and that you are worthy of all you want in life. Do things that make you feel confident and that align with your self-esteem, and know that the stability you are seeking right now will come from within first and foremost. You are finding new ground during this Mercury retrograde.


This Mercury retrograde is occurring in your sign during your season, and you are going to be feeling this one the most, Taurus. This Mercury retrograde overall for you is about personal growth, clarity, and re-discovering who you are. You are going through a journey of the soul during this transit and will be learning more about yourself, your needs, and your goals in the process. You could be feeling a little misunderstood at times during this retrograde, and you will be getting an opportunity to get your message clear and find your voice and way of expression that feels good for you. It’s about honoring this growth and development you have been going through and seeing yourself in a new, more favorable, and accepting light.


Your ruling planet goes retrograde, and this time for you is all about getting closure. The past may be coming up more than usual for you right now, and you are getting the opportunity to heal, accept, and let go once and for all. This Mercury retrograde for you overall is a time of unpacking. Since Mercury will be moving through your 12th house, things get deep, and your emotional world will be feeling a little more enhanced. This Mercury retrograde will be a catalyst for change for you, and you are getting more time away for yourself and your mental health.

Acknowledge what is coming up for you, but don’t let it control you.


Over the next few weeks, you will be diving deeper into your dreams and aspirations, sense of community, friendships, and happiness. Friendships are going through a growth spurt, and you are getting clarity on who your people are and who you want to surround yourself with. There may be some more conflicts with others on the horizon, but overall this transit is about defining what friendship means to you, getting re-inspired, and trusting your gut instincts. Divine intervention is coming into play, and you are getting the opportunity to see more clearly the path you are headed on, who you are headed there with, and if that’s what truly inspires and fulfills you.


Your career, public life, reputation, and professional world are being influenced by Mercury retrograde during this time, and you will be taking a look at your current goals and where you are headed with them. There could be some more bumps in the road than expected when it comes to career goals but know that this is all temporary. Life tends to feel a little more public or out in the open when Mercury is in retrograde in your 10th house, and you may be thinking more about the way you are being perceived. Know that this time for you is overall about getting a better understanding of how you want to show up and what the next steps for you are within your career or public life.


This Mercury retrograde is an awakening for you, Virgo. Your ruling planet is Mercury, so whatever it is doing in the sky is especially influential for you. During this particular Mercury retrograde, your 9th house of travel, adventure, education, and spirituality are in the spotlight, and you are overall finding your way. You could feel like the path you have planned for yourself isn’t playing out exactly how you expected, and you are learning the importance of being flexible and finding your strength and sense of purpose within. You could be feeling tested to have more faith and to believe more in yourself and what you are trying to pursue, and it’s all about gaining direction for you right now. Expect help from unexpected places, and open your mind, Virgo.


Intimacy, transformation, commitment, and shared finances are being highlighted for you during this Mercury retrograde. You are moving through a journey of seeing where your time and energy have been spent and how you are feeling about the return you are seeing in your life for the work you are putting in. Imbalances within a romantic relationship, platonic or business, will become more apparent to you right now, and you are gaining the necessary clarity to make some important changes. You are moving through a transformative time in your life, and you will feel a deep sense of renewal, freedom, and rebirth once Mercury goes direct on May 14.


With Taurus being your sister sign, this Mercury retrograde is happening exactly opposite of you, in your 7th house of love and partnership. You are taking a look at the relationship you have with yourself and how your partnerships and relationships with others are flowing for you right now. It’s all about finding the balance between the giving and receiving in your life and about allowing love to grow. You don’t have to do life alone, and although you could be feeling more distant from love or the people close to you right now, you are addressing where you’ve been holding yourself back and how to experience more love, connection, and harmony.

Let the past go, define where you want to go now.


Your work life, routine, health, and daily schedule are being addressed during this time, and you are creating some new structure here. This Mercury retrograde is about looking at your current daily plan and routine and looking for ways to improve here or develop a new system that is more effective for you. The vibes in the office could be feeling a little tense for the time being, but you are overall getting the opportunity to retrace your steps, re-do any errors, and break the ice with colleagues. This is a good time to learn a new skill, develop your skills, and work passionately on something that inspires you.


Listen to your heart, and learn more about it, Capricorn. Mercury retrograde will be pushing you to be more open, to ask for what you need emotionally, and to feel more confident taking up space and expressing yourself. You are reviewing where the happiness is in your life and if you’ve been prioritizing this enough for yourself. Any limitations you have been feeling creatively and romantically come up at this time to be reviewed, healed, and understood better. Once Mercury goes direct on May 14, you will have a better understanding of what makes you happy, making it easier to be in those spaces.

This Mercury retrograde is a journey of the heart for you.


Mercury retrograde will be bringing attention to the home. You are taking a look at your foundations, where you are feeling supported and stable in your life, and where you want to continue to grow your roots and build. Your emotional well-being is the priority, and your safe spaces are where to be to get through this time. Some misunderstandings with family or close loved ones are more likely now, and you are getting a clear view of how you’ve been feeling within when it comes to the past, family, and your environment. Your stability in life and how you feel grounded in it all are in focus right now, and overall this is a good time for you to declutter, finish that home project, and bring peace into the home.


Communication is everything right now, Pisces. Extra patience is needed when it comes to communicating with others, and be sure to think things through and watch out for impulsivity. The more grace you can give yourself and others right now, the better. Journal your thoughts, meditate, and heal the mind. Mercury retrograde will be showing you how powerful your words are and what kind of mark you want to leave on people and the world when connecting. It is about overcoming previous communication challenges and seeing what has been blocking you from feeling heard. This Mercury retrograde transit is requiring more patience than most, and travels, contracts, texts, and emails should all be looked over a few times right now.

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