Megan Thee Stallion Says Black Girls Are Taught To Be Strong Way Too Early
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Megan Thee Stallion Says Black Girls Are Taught To Be Strong Way Too Early

Real hot girl shit, bitch! Yes, you read that right!

Artist and maverick Megan Thee Stallion is no stranger to controversy and she recently sat down withGQ to officially clear the air about her being a victim of an assault with a deadly weapon earlier this year. Leading up to the assault, she was already going through a trying time after losing her mother and manager Holly Thomas, and went through one of the most confusing and hurtful times of her life while the world watched.

Her power and will to push forward are not the only characteristics that she inherited from her mother who raised her with the help of Meg's grandmother. Sadly, she also inherited the ability to shove down the pain and feelings of helplessness in order to reach her goals and show up for others at her own expense. Megan explains:

"Like, now, I'm understanding you got a lot on you; it's a lot of pressure, but you're not saying it to nobody. I know it's probably just hard, to be a single mama trying to take care of yourself and your daughter. And you're putting on a face... You are acting like everything was OK so I feel comfortable.
"I feel like a lot of Black girls learn that early. I did. I do that a lot."

But that life-long programming stops here and now for the star, and she wants to bring us along her journey of reprogramming thus finding our unique voice and using it to take up space in our own lives. Hence, her popularity! The powerhouse can easily fill up stadiums and have the words of her sounds recited acapella. And to the naysayers, though she dismisses them daily she also has a compassionate stance on their antics:

"Sometimes people are really not comfortable enough with themselves, and I don't think they like to watch other people be comfortable with themselves. And I don't think they want anybody to teach other people how to be comfortable with themselves."

Megan also wants to make sure that you know this usage of your voice does not stop at work or outchea in these streets; you use your voice in the bedroom too. The time is now to not only ask what you can do for a man, but what he can do for you and your pleasure. Megan explains:

"I feel like a lot of men just get scared when they see women teaching other women to own sex for themselves.
"Sex is something that it should be good on both ends, but a lot of times it feels like it's something that men use as a weapon or like a threat. I feel like men think that they own sex, and I feel like it scares them when women own sex."

Megan, you are a great hot girl in chief.

Read more of her interview here.

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