Garcelle Beauvais Says She Was Told She Would Never Work In Hollywood After 40
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Garcelle Beauvais Says She Was Told She Would Never Work In Hollywood After 40

Garcelle Beauvais is one of many women that is an exemplary example of age ain’t nothing but a number. And while Hollywood has provided more opportunities for women of a certain age in recent years, it wasn’t long ago when the industry would shut out women who were no longer considered young and hot. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recalled that moment when she first began her career in the industry.

"What's interesting [is] when I first started in this industry, all I heard is 'When you're 40, you're done,'" she said in an interview with PEOPLE. "'You're not gonna work again.' It's horrible. I mean, and I didn't buy into it. But in the back of my head, I was like, What the hell am I gonna do?"

At 17 years old, Garcelle began her modeling career and ultimately transitioned into acting appearing on Coming to America and The Jamie Foxx Show. Now at 55, the Love Me As I Am author is in a league of women such as Nia Long and Angela Bassett who are defying the stereotypes of what beauty is.

"It's great to see … here we are, all these women of a certain age, and we're doing it," she said. "Yeah. You know what I mean? And I feel like we don't get enough credit for it. You don't get enough credit for how brave we are for putting our lives out there in a fishbowl."

"And you know, we're doing businesses, we're raising our children. I think it's all our moment, honestly, but I am, I never thought I could be living this life that I'm living. So it's amazing. It's the American dream that I didn't even know existed."

Garcelle has experienced a rebirth in her career over the last few years. She joined RHOBH as the franchise’s first Black cast member, became a co-host on The Real, and reprised her role for Coming 2 America. And with her juicy memoir, the actress’ name has been on everyone’s tongue thanks to her spilling the tea on her life and career. Not to mention, her role in the Bravo reality TV show drama.

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