Garcelle Beauvais Says Sex Changed Her Life
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Garcelle Beauvais Says Sex Changed Her Life

Garcelle Beauvais is not afraid to talk about sex. It’s apparent with her podcast Going to Bed with Garcelle and during a recent episode of The Real, the 55-year-old actress shared how sex actually changed her life. During a segment on her talk show The Real, Garcelle, and her co-hosts discussed the one thing that they tried that changed their lives. While Loni Love credited meditation as the thing she tried for the first time that changed her life, Garcelle cited sex.

“Not the very first time,” she clarified. “But when I discovered that it’s good. It changed my life.” She went into more detail when her co-hosts asked at what age she began having sex. “I had sex the first time at like 18, so I would say…that’s kinda late, right? ...Those Haitian parents don’t play. They won’t have it any other way,” she joked.

Garcelle Reveals Just How Much Sex Changed Her Life!

She continued, “So I think that and feeling liberated and feeling free and experiencing that.” She also said that it took her “a few months” after having sex for the first time when she began enjoying it, which left her co-hosts speechless.

Since The Jamie Foxx Show actress began starring on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real, fans have gotten more insight into the ageless beauty’s personal life and views on relationships and of course sex.

The mother of three is also a part of OWN’s Own Your Health Initiative where she is featured on Speak Sis’ “Let’s Talk About Sex” episode. In the episode, Garcelle talks about getting into the mindset of having sex just like you would anything else.

“It takes longer for us to get there. A guy can show up and he’s ready,” she said.

“You get in the mindset when you’re going to work. You get in the mindset when you’re dealing with the kids. Get in the mindset when it comes to sex. Like if you know you’re going to get some, right, start off taking a nice bath, put on music, get in your headspace.”

“Know what you want to feel like, know what you want him to touch. And it’s OK to say, I like when you do that. I appreciate when you do this.” She continued, “Get in the mindset before he even shows up. And if you want to pleasure yourself before he comes, you can do that too.”

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