Our melanin sisters are taking over the food influencer game! They not only rock the kitchen but show us how to do it too; giving us the confidence we need to at least try and recreate their masterpieces.

They are changing the way thousands look at food with their unique dishes, skills, and love for creating hearty dishes. Set aside a few minutes to show love because it's super easy to get lost in the sauce and stand in awe of their timelines.

Let's salute these Black female food bloggers and influencers who love to share their recipes and help us all channel our inner chef girl.

1. @StoveTopKisses

Who's That Girl?

Her real name is Danni Rose but once you swoon over her Instagram page (which you'll start doing after half a scroll), you'll see why she's rocking the @StoveTopKisses name.

Her bio reveals she was "raised" in her "daddy's Alabama juke joint," so that right there tells you that she's certainly not new to this, and there's no question that her cooking is fire. Some of her most-liked recipes and delicious snapshots are baked macaroni and cheese (which we know can make or break an entire meal), crispy cream corn ho cakes with hot sauce, and seared ribeye with bacon scallion butter. Mouth. Watering.

2. @JessicaInTheKitchen

Who's That Girl?

You know I had to show love to a vegan and vegetarian chef. And Jessica Hylton aka @JessicaInTheKitchen is as real as they come. Her recipes aren't only a big up to those on a plant-based diet, but many of them are gluten-free as well. And while some of us are still wondering how this can taste just as great as their counterparts, Jessica has shown countless times it can be done.

Some standouts? Recipes for a hearty one-pot minestrone soup, vegan quiche, overnight French toast casserole, vegan cheese pasta bake, and cranberry apple crisp… just to name a few.

3. @ButterBeReady

Who's That Girl?

Shout out to Butter Be Ready! Real name Quin, Butter Be Ready can do no wrong in the cooking department. Her Instagram alone looks like an editorial spread for a major magazine, not to mention she's mastered the art of photographing meals that actually look good online. The best part? She also provides recipes for us.

Whether you're looking for powdery blueberry streusel muffins (her blackout chocolate cupcakes deserve more than an honorable mention), or something savory like spicy Korean wings, Butter Be Ready is for everybody.

4. @IAmEricaBarrett

Who's That Girl?

Homegirl is official official! Erica Barrett wears many hats but the one that we can't get enough of is chef. She's been featured in Oprah's 2016 Favorite Things, Good Morning America, and Shark Tank. And it doesn't take long to see why. She's not only a pro but super creative!

Her Instagram feed proves she's not afraid of taking chances with dishes like fried lobster deviled eggs, fried green tomato poboys, and of course sweets like loaded sprinkle cake pops. Thankfully, she's got a cookbook, Shuga & Seoul, to teach us her ways. *Insert raised hands emoji here*

5. @ChefResha

Who's That Girl?

She's the real deal! One of the things I love about @ChefResha is in her bio she let her nearly 70K followers know that she's a self-taught chef and pushes them to conquer their cooking fears. Seeing her feed shows that she's just as magical as she says she is, because one of the questions that keep coming to mind is, "How did she teach herself how to do that?!"

I'm sure trial and error are a part of the mix, but she's certainly gone from student to teacher real quick. From her Mexican churros to her slow roasted turkey wings with creamy marsala gravy, she's proven cooking is an art.

6. @GrandbabyCakes

Who's That Girl?

While most of us have stood under our mother or grandmother in the kitchen, it's safe to say Jocelyn Delk Adams, AKA @GrandbabyCakes, took her childhood cooking lessons to a new level. Her recipes are inspired by her grandmother (may she rest in peace), and clearly, she was doing something right because @GrandbabyCakes has had regular features on TODAY, Rachael Ray, Food Network and the Cooking Channel.

Thanks to dishes like caramel apple cake and homemade tomato basil soup, she's probably your favorite chef's favorite chef.

7. @LohiCreates

Who's That Girl?

Why is Lohi Creates every woman, though?! The Nigerian blogger based in Toronto (how dope is that?) holds nothing back when sharing what she whips up for her beautiful family of three. Her feed and website make it look so easy, so don't be surprised if you find yourself putting on your apron to tackle her recipes with determination. And it challenges us all to try something new.

A few favorites have already proven to be her shrimp tacos with mango salsa and grilled croaker fish with yam fries and brocollini. We see you boo.

8. @EdenTheFoodie

Who's That Girl?

Eden is doing it for the culture with her chef page, @blackfoodie.co. She goes further than dishing about delicious meals hailing from various places, and sparks conversation about heritage, food, and everything in between. This is why she's one of our faves for more reasons than one.

One of the best things about Eden is that she supports other Black-owned chefs and restaurants, spreading the word and the love down her feed, inspiring her followers to do the same.

9. @ChefDanie

Who's That Girl?

Chef Danie is an entire vibe. Her recipes break beyond the borders and make major salutes to places like Haiti and Thailand; just check out her soup Joumou and Limonaide she made for Haitian Independence Day. She provides the recipe, but one can only hope for a result as well as hers.

In the meantime, I have no shame in admiring her dishes from international to hometown favorites like Cabernet braised short ribs with roasted garlic parmesan risotto and pancakes with Chanel syrup. Yeah, she murdered those.

10. @FoodLoveTog

Who's That Girl?

FoodLoveTog describes herself best in her bio as a "spice slanger" and "magic maker." And it's obvious she lives up to these witty phrases. Taking a look at her feed, she certainly doesn't lack seasoning or magic as she spreads love via dishes like brunch potatoes, creamy corn grits (topped with bacon, shrimp and cheese… God thank You), and Cajun soup that includes 15 beans.

Her profile is filled with inspiring messages that not only help us feel more confident with not just in cooking, but in life altogether.

Featured image by @grandbabycakes.

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