More Than A Party: Good Eats, Relaxation, And Unique Spa Vibes In Cabo San Lucas
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More Than A Party: Good Eats, Relaxation, And Unique Spa Vibes In Cabo San Lucas

Many of us know Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas to be the center for spring break partying. In fact, US News And Report ranked it No. 4 on its “Best Spring Break Destinations list,” and it’s been famously visited by our favorite hot girl, Megan Thee Stallion. And while I love my girl Tina Snow, the party reputation that preceded her recent visit is one reason I never visited Cabo. However, on a recent trip, when I got the chance to experience Corazón Cabo Resort And Spa, I was pleasantly surprised to find that all my limited preconceived notions about this region were totally wrong.

Cabo presents opportunities for recharge, relaxation, and soul-feeding good eats. Here’s more on my transformative experience where the awe-inspiring desert meets the serene waters:

Courtesy, Corazón Cabo Resort and Spa

​Where I Stayed

One major thing I loved about Corazón Cabo Resort and Spa is that it offered unique luxury amenities without sacrificing a certain cozy allure I crave when choosing a place to stay in a new destination. The property, which features sculptures and installations by local artists, has more than 300 guest rooms and suites. My room had an ocean view, with Cabo’s world-famous rock formations within the distance, floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, plush bedding, a hot tub, and a spa-style shower. It was enough to make me never want to actually leave the suite, and there’s a signature scent that hugs as you walk down the property’s halls.

Corazón, located off of Medano Beach (one of the “most popular swimmable beaches in Cabo,”) has several towers, all featuring attractive, diverse options for almost any traveler— from spaces fit for families and small groups to oversized luxury suites with elegant decor, in-room kitchens, rooftop terraces, wet bars, and huge patios.

Courtesy, Corazón Cabo Resort and Spa

​Where I Ate And Best Drinks

The resort has multiple signature restaurants, including Aleta, a waterfront space that offers dishes with fresh-caught seafood. My favorite lunchtime standouts were ceviche (a refreshing traditional Mexican dish made with fish or shellfish, marinated in citrus, cilantro, peppers, and other flavors) and, of course, an assortment of tacos on corn or flour tortillas. (I tried cactus, octopus, fish, beef, pork, and shrimp, and none of them disappointed.) The Caribbean spirit in me is adventurous when it comes to food and heat, so you can enjoy both when there.

At dinner, there was a plethora of fresh farm-to-table Mexican dishes, something I was excited about since Mexican cuisine is not limited to tacos. Their marinated steak, a divine Caesar salad, the smoked braised brisket, Yucatan pork empanadas, and crusted sea bass served with a creamy risotto were my favs.

Another hot spot for good food and cocktails is Rooftop 360, located on the ninth floor. The best time to go is right before sunset, where you can see all the meshing of pastel purples, pinks, yellows, and blues dancing across the sky in panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez.

Courtesy, Corazón Cabo Resort and Spa

Courtesy, Corazón Cabo Resort and Spa

It was whimsical, romantic, and awe-inspiring. At night there’s a live DJ, and the key food highlights were their varieties of freshly made sushi, their chips and guacamole, and their signature drinks made with mezcal, which takes tequila to a whole other level with its smoky undertones. Trust and believe I won’t be ordering my usual Patron margarita the next time I’m at my favorite bar in the States.

The property also has the Camaleón Café, where I skipped the coffee and enjoyed a refreshing green juice, more ideal (for me) when prepping to go on a food tour or other excursion. The Baja Brewing Co., touted as the “first and only microbrewery in all of Baja California Sur,” is also on the rooftop terrace and boasts a beer crust pizza. (And if you know anything about beer and dough-making, you know this is a next-level combo since it gives the crust a certain texture and flavor that’s simply chef’s kiss!) You can also enjoy one of the other on-site bars, including Draque, which gave sexy-chic city vibes in the middle of a seaside oasis. Again, mezcal wins here, so order anything they offer on the menu with it.

Fun By The Seaside

The Corazón Beach Club was my favorite chill spot on the beach, where I enjoyed bar food, including wings, sushi, nachos, and the usual grilled fare. One particular Mexican-flared goodie took my heart: Their “Beach Hot Dog,” an addictively good sausage wrapped in bacon and served with mayo and pico de gallo on a brioche bun. There’s a DJ nearby, and it’s great for enjoying margaritas while people-watching and buying mementos to take home from the beach-side vendors walking back and forth advertising their goods. (I bought a T-shirt for bae and a chic large straw bag with Mexican tapestry accents.)

There are also several infinity pools with great views, where you can lounge, swim, order drinks, and simply enjoy the breeze and views. If you’re adventurous, you can book activities including paddleboarding, snuba (a cross between scuba and snorkeling, and eFoil (basically electric surfing). Or you can book a boat ride to see El Arco (or “The Arc,”) and make a stop at Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach), a beautifully quaint seaside spot, one of several with folklore tales.

Healing, Meditation, And Reflection

Corazón Cabo also offers services like the chakra massage at Sparitual, as well as aqua yoga. Both were just what I needed after a very busy and challenging two quarters of constant work and realignment. I wasn’t familiar with the benefits of chakra-related remedies nor its credibility going in. I’m a Christian, so typically I’d stay away from those sorts of things, but what I took from the experience was an open mind to expand my spiritual palate within the context of what I already believe.

It was a good sign that the chakra massage session started with the affirmation, “I am important, I am healthy, and I rebuke negative energy.” I'd actually prayed and gone to church right before the trip, so this was no more than confirmation about things I’d already been talking to God about.

Other interesting moments during the massage session were the scent of cloves (or some sort of mint) that I was asked to breathe in— a soothing note— and a shot of Damiana Liqueur, an herb-based Mexican drink that came from a bottle shaped like a curvy seated woman. I left the session feeling not only like the kinks in my back were literally rubbed out but thinking more positively about myself and the challenges I’m overcoming in this season.

Courtesy, Corazón Cabo Resort and Spa

Courtesy, Corazón Cabo Resort and Spa

Doing aqua yoga was another first-time adventure that helped me get past my hang-ups about water, my need to control everything in life, and my constant anxiety. It forced me to focus on balance, a theme both metaphorically and literally super-relevant right now. The instructor was patient, as initially I struggled to even get on the mat (which was anchored by weights so that it wouldn’t topple or float away). At more than 200 lbs, I came to Mexico a bit weary and felt heavy in many respects. While the water wasn’t deep in the infinity pool where we did the activity, overlooking the sea, I just didn’t want to embarrass myself.

The instructor kept quietly affirming, “You can do it. Take your time,” and her assistant even came in to help hold the mat while I awkwardly mounted it. Soon, I’d flow into the positions, appreciate the deep breathing techniques, and release the pressures through my hips, back, and arms.

I’ll definitely be venturing back to Cabo to continue the healing work that was done, experience more fresh foods, and get better acquainted with the wonderful wonders of God’s creations in Baja California Sur.

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