This AI-Powered 'Bold Glamour' Filter Has Us Asking, Should Filters Be This Good?
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This AI-Powered 'Bold Glamour' Filter Has Us Asking, Should Filters Be This Good?

Scrolling through TikTok in recent weeks, it has been almost impossible to not come across the new Bold Glamour Filter. This filter has new AI capabilities, unlike the TikTok filters we are accustomed to. The past filters map your 2D face onto a 3D model, resulting in glitches with movement allowing the viewer to clearly identify that a filter is being used.

The Bold Glamour Filter is the first introduction to how transformative AI-powered tools are and how much harder filters of their kind will be to detect. The new filter adds fluffy symmetrical brows with sharp contouring to the sides of the face and the nose. The complexion gives a flawless smooth matte base, with an enhancement of the lips allowing them to appear plump and full.

The hype with the Bold Glamour Filter comes from the filter's ability to move with your face and adapt and adjust even when a masculine face is presented. This filter barely distorts with movement garnering shocking first impressions videos across the platform.

Filters like Bold Glamour raise the question of whether should filters be this good. With over 10 million videos shared since its introduction, the reactions present two opposing opinions. On one end users find the filter “terrifying” discussing the impact filters this transformative can have on self-perception and mental health. While the majority of users seem enamored with the capabilities and elated at how difficult it is to detect.

Courtesy of Jorine Dorcelus

While I love a good filter, personally I prefer not to use them in an effort to mitigate reliance on them. The videos recreating the Bold Glamour’s soft glam look stuck out to me the most. I had to see if it was possible to achieve the same soft glam look and recreated the Bold Glamour Filter on myself, pictured above. The image on the left is solely makeup application and the right is using the Bold Glamour Filter.

Would you use this filter and do you think that filters of this caliber are what we can now expect as the new norm across social media platforms?

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Featured image courtesy of Jorine Dorcelus

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