Angela Yee On Handling Work Relationships With Co-workers We 'Don’t Necessarily Love'

Angela had a potent message about not letting your mood affect how you move.

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Thanks to time, dedication, and a calling from God himself, I'm blessed to work with the best coworkers on earth here behind my computer at xoNecole. I get to listen to the stories of women all around the world as Senior Editor. I have the opportunity to write about Black, female weed dispensary owners. What else could I ask for?

But if we go back, way back to two years ago when I was a full-time part-time employee at Victoria's Secret, my situation was totally different and petty was an understatement for some of the people that I worked with.

I'd like to say I left the past in the past. But, let me talk my sh*t. Surrounded by people who made me feel misunderstood, undervalued, and overqualified, I couldn't help but question WTF I was really doing there.

It wasn't until I realized the power of not taking things personally that I truly flourished and Angela Yee can totally relate. In a recent interview with Variety, The Breakfast Club host opened up about how to handle working with people you don't necessarily like:

"We've always been the same. We work together, it is what it is. Like he said, we're co-workers. A lot of people have jobs where they don't necessarily love the people they work with, it's just a part of life. That's not the person you'd hang out with in real life…"

Although Angela has made it a point to adopt this way of thinking when it comes to her professional life, she admitted that it's hard to not take things personally:

"The important thing is I've always been a responsible person. As a woman, too, you have to be a lot stronger. Things are always happening that if you let it bother you, you'll be mad all the time. It's hard not to [take things personally]. It sucks because sometimes you feel so numb. You used to get so upset over things and feel so much, after a while shit keeps happening, you're just numb to it now. "

Any woman in a male-dominated work environment knows the struggles of working in a sausage fest and says that many times, she has to choose logic over emotions when it comes to addressing the antics of her co-stars. Angela has this potent message about not letting your mood affect how you move:

"I was taught in radio: if somebody is talking, then you don't talk over them. Sometimes, it's hard to even speak. Sometimes being the only woman on the show, I have to always try to cut in. … Because I'm also the person who's doing the research; watching the shows; reading the books. I'm always trying to get validity and points across. There's not enough room for me to do that and express my feelings, you have to figure one or the other."
When we do Rumor Report, I have the stories. When we do Front Page News, I'm presenting the stories. They're jumping in with their opinions, but somebody has to present the stories. It doesn't leave as much space for you to say 'Ok, here's what I think.' I express myself a lot more outside of that show."

If you're in a toxic work environment: get out. But the 44-year-old host admits that in her industry, sometimes the occasional disagreement can be a good thing. While she and her co-hosts have had their rifts in the past, Angela says that in radio, sometimes that's the way things have to be.

"If we got along all the time, it probably wouldn't be as interesting."

To read Angela's full interview, click here!

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