10+ Affirmations That We Took Away From The 'Harlem' Cast Girl Chat
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10+ Affirmations That We Took Away From The 'Harlem' Cast Girl Chat

“No matter where He takes me, no matter where I go, I am fearfully, I am wonderfully made for the room that I’m in.”

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The ladies of Harlem participated in an exclusive girl chat with xoNecole in Twitter Spaces over the weekend and, while discussing their show, they also shared some deep, inspiring words with us. Meagan Good, Grace Byers, and Shoniqua Shandai each opened up about love and friendships while also revealing some personal experiences that really resonated with the audience. While you can listen to the full conversation here, we also broke down some of the most memorable gems to give you some affirmations that you can take with you wherever you go.

On Their Daily Mantras

“No matter where He takes me, no matter where I go, I am fearfully and I am wonderfully made for the room that I’m in.” - Shoniqua Shandai

“God I am your child. I am dearly loved. I am loved unconditionally. I belong to you God. Jesus, I am your friend. Jesus, I am your bride. God, I am your residence. Greater who is He, who is in the world. I am blameless. I am righteous. I am adequate. I am a new creation. I am never alone.” - Meagan Good

“I will show up as I am and I will love myself there.” - Grace Byers

On Rejection and Disappointment 

“You may not have accepted what I brought to the table, but that does not define who I am nor will it define what I’m going to do in another realm after this.” - Grace Byers

“Even in this pain, I know that I’m being propelled forward.” - Shoniqua Shandai

“Rejection is the Lord’s protection." - Meagan Good

On Feeling Safe In Friendships

“Not everybody has to be your best friend. Some people you are just called to be there for, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be there for you.” - Meagan Good

On the Art of Letting Go

“My mind shift of letting go is allowing myself to feel the feelings, but really reminding myself that the priority of letting someone go is choosing myself.” - Shoniqua Shandai

“We’re going in two different paths. I love me. My love is not worthy in the eyes of what you say it is and I know what my love and my worth and my value truly are and because of that, I’mma step away with some grace.” - Grace Byers

“Having faith when things are going well is easy. Having faith when things are crazy and they don’t make sense and you’re confused or whatever it may be, that’s when it really matters and that’s when you get the closest to God.” - Meagan Good

On Self-Love

“For Black people, for people of color, all we know is how to hustle ‘cause that’s the world that has been built for us. We hustle, we hustle, we work hard. We always have to go over and beyond, but so much of our humanity, so much of our strength is in our rest and is in our joy.” - Grace Byers.

“Our introduction to this land was violent. We have been whipped into shape and that mentality is so harmful to ourselves and to our minds and I just want us to be gentle to ourselves.” - Shoniqua Shandai

“You have to love yourself otherwise how is someone else gonna know how to love you fully.” - Meagan Good

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