Must-Have Women's Workout Fits To Curb Gym Intimidation And Boost Confidence

Must-Have Women's Workout Fits To Curb Gym Intimidation And Boost Confidence

When it comes to forming my perfect gym uniform, all I need is my noise-canceling headphones, a full bottle of water, and a fire workout set to put me in the right headspace.

However, there was a time not too long ago when showing up to the gym used to spark a sense of nervousness that left me feeling uneasy and anxious before I ever stepped foot in the gym. A sensation I now know as "gymtimidation" or gym intimidation.

What Is “Gym Intimidation”?

The term “gym intimidation” is often defined as an internal feeling of insecurity that brings up thoughts of self-consciousness or overexposure while at the gym. While this sensation may differ from person to person depending on their experience level in the gym, having a difference in abilities and even feeling “not fit enough” to go to the gym can affect one’s confidence when showing up to shared spaces while exercising.

The fear of judgment impacts countless women in their attempts to become more consistent in the gym. The hesitation that comes from feeling judged by others, whether real or perceived, can lead to thoughts of intimidation, as some might worry that others are watching and evaluating their every move while working out.

From navigating the unfamiliar territory of gym sizes to figuring out how to work new machines, and getting acquainted with your routines, it can feel overwhelming for some individuals to push through, especially if there are preexisting challenges with body image, confidence, and self-perception.

Being in a new environment and getting acquainted with “performing” in front of other people can feel foreign and out of our comfort zone. Fortunately, overcoming gym intimidation often takes just a few gradual steps to build confidence and gain familiarity and a routine at the gym.

For some, this might mean seeking guidance from a personal trainer, starting their workout at less crowded times, focusing on personal progress rather than comparisons, or coming in with a guided workout video to be your virtual support buddy.

And, of course, there’s nothing like putting on a fire workout set to send your confidence through the roof and watching all signs of intimidation and insecurity leave your body.

That’s why today, we’re sharing some of the best gym fits to boost your confidence and kick that gym intimidation to the curb.

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