Victoria Monét Says There’s Power In Changing Your Mind: ‘It Starts With Your Mind.’
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Victoria Monét Says There’s Power In Changing Your Mind: ‘It Starts With Your Mind.’

When talent and hard work meet preparation, you get a star like Victoria Monét. With years of songwriting for artists like Ariana Grande and Chloe x Halle under her belt, the release of her debut studio album: Jaguar II marks a time for Monét to step into her moment.

On a recent episode of The Scottie and Sylvia Show, the Grammy-nominated artist joined the podcast to discuss embracing the new chapter of life she’s in and not compromising her true self to make others comfortable.

“You're born so powerful as a Black woman, and I think sometimes we kind of, or maybe society has kind of taught us to shy away from showing that fully,” she shared on the podcast. “We're almost humbling ourselves and dimming our light to make other people comfortable, and we shouldn’t.”

As a full-range singer, dancer, and songwriter, Monét understands the power of not dimming your light or shrinking in order to fit the mold of the music industry that can often pressure female artists to fit into a box.

In fact, it’s important for the 7 Rings writer to not compromise on showcasing her gifts in the pursuit of fame and outward validation. “Actually, make them uncomfortable, and maybe they’ll be so uncomfortable that they’ll grow themselves,” she says. “It’s not our job to make people comfortable, it’s to make the world a better place and just be truly and infinitely ourselves.”

The power of positive thinking has served along her journey to manifest her current career trajectory. Becoming a mother during the pandemic, navigating label changes, and stepping into the spotlight as a multi-fascinate artist has been a lesson in patience and being present in every opportunity given to her. This is why Monét believes that changing one's mindset, affirming your path, and not ruminating on the “predictable past” are the keys to shaping one’s highest reality.

“If you don't like what you have, you have to change the way you think — it starts with your mind and how you speak,” she explains. “So just starting every morning with positive affirmations because when you say ‘I am’ anything, it directly tells all of the cells in your body to start being that thing.”

“‘I am beautiful, I am smart, I am abundant, I am free.’ All of those things really actually change the way you feel and the way you operate throughout your day,” she adds.

With social media buzzing following the release of her breakout single, "On My Mama" and its music video that pays homage to the Southern hip-hop scene of the early 2000s, Monét ensures that new and day-one fans will be able to connect with the timeless nature of her album.

“Whatever phase you are at in your life, you can find something on this album that you can relate to today,” she says. “I feel like this is what this album is meant to do. It's like in 50 years from now, when you put it on the vinyl player, and you're like, ‘Oh my God, I remember how I felt when I heard this,” because that's exactly how I felt at that moment.”

From stepping into the spotlight to sharing her light through her music, it’s clear that life is imitating art for Victoria Monét's next act. “I would call this chapter ‘the light’ because a lot of it has been shady, dark — some things have happened, but I guess that’s just any industry where a lot of people want to be successful.”

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself ft. Victoria Monét | The Scottie & Sylvia Show Ep. 8

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