8 Online Platforms To Build Wealth & Get Your Money Right By 2022

8 Online Platforms To Build Wealth & Get Your Money Right By 2022

Last year brought financial challenges for many, as some were displaced from their jobs while others started new side hustles. But this year, we are set to turn things around! These eight online platforms led by Black women aim to teach us how to get our money right. From budgeting to investing to paying off student loans and beyond, these women will help us all move toward finding financial freedom.

It's time to hit the reset button to learn essential tips, so let's check out a few top personal finance websites and platforms that will help you do just that:

Brown Ambition

Founders Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche and Mandi Woodruff are both long-time powerhouse personal finance experts. They've partnered up to launch the Brown Ambition Podcast, a weekly show to help you live your best financial and professional life. Tiffany and Mandi give it to you to straight, no chaser. They take their individual experiences and add them to interviews with bomb guests to give you an entertaining and informative experience. They're the friends-in-your-head that everyone needs to help make the best financial decisions.

 Hello Seven

Hello Seven was founded in 2017 by Rachel Rodgers, an intellectual property attorney and business coach. Her philosophy is "We should all be millionaires," and the tagline is the name of the book she recently wrote. Through her podcast, website, and club, she has helped women scale their businesses to seven figures, build personal wealth, and gain economic power.

 Journey to Launch 

Jamila Souffrant created Journey to Launch, documenting her journey to financial independence. She went from traveling for more than three hours to work every day to finding financial freedom by working for herself. The platform's podcast features guests that share financial tips as well as their own personal journeys toward financial freedom.

Finances Demystified

Finances Demystified was founded in 2012 by Dominique Broadway. After working at a brokerage firm that focused on high net-worth individuals, she learned how the wealthy successfully managed their money. Noticing a gap in the industry that made wealth building inaccessible to many, she decided to educate individuals about personal finance and show them how they, too, can become high net-worth earners.

Trade and Travel

Trade and Travel was founded in 2017 by Teri Ijeoma, a self-taught stock and options enthusiast. She has educated hundreds of people on how to invest in stocks and make money via the stock market. She teaches people how to navigate investing to make it work for them and is an avid traveler who promotes the beauty of what financial freedom can mean for women.

The Finance Bar

Marsha Barnes founded The Finance Bar in 2014. She's a financial expert with a decade of experience, and her platform helps women and couples achieve financial wellness through coaching, education, and an innovative learning hub.

Frugal Feminista

Kara Stevens is the founder of Frugal Feminista, a personal finance and personal development company launched in 2014. She is committed to helping women heal their relationships with money and with themselves and help women to become happy, wealthy, and brave so they can unapologetically live life on their terms.

The Student Loan Doctor

Too many people are buried underneath student loan debt, watching interest accumulate astronomically over time. Sonia Lewis, AKA "The Student Loan Doctor," launched her platform to provide coaching and consumer advocacy services, and she's helped more than 20,000 clients nationwide to eliminate federal student loan debt.

We hope these eight online platforms will help you get prepped for success in 2022. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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