This Is How These Celebs Rang In The New Year
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This Is How These Celebs Rang In The New Year

As always, celebrities brought in the new year in style, but this time it came with a side of OMG moments. From Diddy and Yung Miami ringing in the new year together to Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan sparking pregnancy rumors, it’s safe to say that gossip never sleeps. And while some celebs celebrated in a big way, others decided to use the new year as a time to reflect on their failures and successes and establish goals for 2022. Either way, fans got to see a glimpse of what their faves were up to on social media.

Here is how some of the celebs celebrated New Year’s.

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

Our favorite celebrity couple had the internet talking after Lori shared a Boomerang of her and Michael ringing in the New Year together with the caption “Babydaddy.” While neither one of them addressed the baby rumors, they later shared photos of themselves together enjoying each other’s company from that night.

La La Anthony

La La Anthony decided to use this new year as an opportunity to reflect and relax. The actress shared on Instagram that she and her son Kiyan “wrote down some goals & manifestations for 2022.” She also hinted at being ready for love again as she closed out her Instagram caption. “Ps. I saw what YOU did for Ciara (I mean I was around for that😂🤷🏽♀️❤️) and what u did for Issa and Molly from Insecure sooooo… yeah u know the rest😂.”

Halle Berry and Van Hunt

Halle Berry has been enjoying her baecation with boyfriend Van Hunt at an undisclosed location and over the weekend, the actress sent fans into a frenzy after she shared a photo of her and Van kissing at what looked like a church altar. However, in a separate post, the Bruised star revealed that they didn’t get married and they were just having some “New Year’s Day fun.”

Yung Miami and Diddy

After denying that they were dating a month ago, Yung Miami shared a couple of photos of her celebrating the introduction of 2022 with Diddy in her hometown of Miami, FL.

Summer Walker

After having a successful year with her second album, Summer Walker rang in 2022 like a boss. The singer closed out the year in Las Vegas where she performed with Usher during his Las Vegas residency and she later celebrated the new year with her rapper boyfriend Larry.

Featured image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for DUNDAS x REVOLVE

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