I Was Stressing Over My Romantic Life, So I Took A Sound Bath Class

I Was Stressing Over My Romantic Life, So I Took A Sound Bath Class

My first introduction to sound baths was during the pandemic thanks to Jhené Aiko. If you follow her on Instagram, you may have watched her IG Lives in which she sometimes played music using Tibetan singing bowls. I didn’t think much else about it until a couple of years later when I was dealing with stress and anxiety. I’m one of those people who can sometimes get in my head and overthink everything and then become stressed and anxious.

This time, I was stressing over my romantic life and second-guessing myself about everything. While I typically turn to meditation and my friends and family, I decided that this was the perfect time to try sound baths. Luckily, a local organization that I’m a member of announced that our upcoming event was a sound bath class. A coincidence? I think not.

But you may be thinking, what is a sound bath? A sound bath is exactly what it sounds like. Participants are bathed in sound waves that are produced by healing instruments. Sound baths are a form of energy or spiritual healing practice that dates back 2,000 years to the region of Tibet.

I walked into the class that was led by energy therapist Ki Meishon and was looking forward to the healing that was supposed to take place. I was already anxious but I became even more anxious anticipating what will happen. The class was full and we each sat down on our mats and the class began. Ki came around to those who wanted an essential oil rubbed on them to help us relax (I was one of the people that had the oil) and then I laid down on the mat. With my eyes closed, I began listening to the different sounds surrounding me.

There were chimes, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, and more filling the air (These tools are used as a form of healing). As I continued laying there, I let myself focus on the sounds and let them come over my body. While I really wasn’t paying much attention to the time, I think the actual sound healing lasted 15 minutes. Once it was time to open my eyes, I felt like a new person. The stress and anxiety were nowhere in sight and I felt rejuvenated. I felt lighter and my aura was more positive compared to when I walked into the class. The class also gave me clarity on how to move forward in my situation.

It was a beautiful experience and I would recommend it as a great healing tool.

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