Now Trending: The Short Nails Wave Is A Whole Mani Moment
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Now Trending: The Short Nails Wave Is A Whole Mani Moment

Can I be real with y'all real quick? Long nails have never been the wave for me. In my experience, they have always gotten in the way or end up breaking off. Contrary to popular belief, I'm a short nail girl. Short nails can be just as stylish as long nails. I said what I said. Women have added fun nail art with bright colors, glitter, and even hand jewelry to enhance their short nail aesthetic.

There are also many benefits to rocking short nails. According to Bustle and Glamour magazine; opting for shorter nails is a great way to save money, are more hygienic, and allow you to be more functional. If you want to slay and live your best life, then short nails are for you!

Here are some flawless nail art inspirations that will have you obsessed!

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