[Video] Sammie On Abstinence, Soul Ties & Women Setting Boundaries

We discovered that this man of God is not only single, but ready and willing to mingle… but only under the right circumstances.

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I'm pleased to say that our prayers have been answered, ladies.

In our exclusive xoMan Live interview with professional heartthrob, Sammie, we discovered that this man of God is not only single, but ready and willing to mingle… that is, under the right circumstances. In an intimate conversation with the singer about love, sex, and dating, he explained to host Dana Blair that after flying the last five months solo, he's intentional about making room in his life for a compatible and consistent co-pilot.

Sammie Talks Abstinence, Soul Ties & Women Setting Boundaries youtu.be

He explained:

"Right now I've been single almost five months and it's a cool thing to be happy and complete, and whole in your singleness, but it's also frustrating because you desire companionship. I think I'm just washed. At 33, I think it's hard for me to juggle three, four, five girls that might like me and that I might fancy. Let alone sharing your body with three or four, five of them. It opens up a lot of chaos and a lot of mixed signals."

It's for this reason, Sammie told xoNecole, that he's chosen to put his sex life on hold and practice abstinence:

"For me to have clarity and to be able to see hopefully a life partner, without cloudiness, that was the best way. Cause sex isn't just physical. It's a spiritual exchange. So, sometimes that anxiety that you're wearing or that fatigue is not yours; it's the person you're sharing your body with so you gotta be mindful of the spirit that you let inside your body and that you're allowing yourself into also."

While Sammie's abstinence is a fact that I hate to see, the singer says that refraining from sex is only one of the ways that he approaches courtship. Along with being upfront about his intentions, Sammie says that getting to know your partner and finding purpose in every connection is a must when dating in the digital age.

"It's just being intentional in every act. It shouldn't be a lot of 'what you doing' texts. It should be more plans being made. You should set up date nights or if ya'll want to travel together, book the flights and go do that. It's taking those necessary steps to getting to know your mate, but intentionally. It's not like you're just passing some time of just floating with the wind. Courtship, technically from a biblical standpoint, also lacks in the physical. You're not really supposed to indulge in the intimacy realms. This is what's supposed to always have been. We kind of just changed the tide by freestyling and doing our own thing. I just think courtship is getting to know somebody intently, necessarily without the physical, in hopes to union one day between the two parties."

To watch Sammie's full interview, click here!

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