Actor Tyler Lepley Says Love Hits Different When You're Aligned With Purpose
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Actor Tyler Lepley Says Love Hits Different When You're Aligned With Purpose

If you've been watching Starz for the past few weeks, you'd know that P-Valley'sTyler Lepley is all that and a bag of chips and we, as a collective, are hungry.

But after a recent interview with xoNecole, we learned that Tyler is not only a snack, he's a whole damn garden, one that needs to pursue his purpose in order to grow. And that's exactly why he's been intentional about finding a partner who could keep that same energy. In an intimate chat with Dana Blair, the actor gave us the tea on his current relationship and how he learned the difference between puppy love and finding a life partner. He explained:


"I am in love. I do want to say this about love though; love is a tricky thing too. My love is different than what I thought love was when I was in high school. I remember having puppy love and there wasn't nothing you could tell me about it. It was different than what I thought when I got to college after I'd experienced my first heartache, and then when I had to move away to chase what it is that I wanted to do in life, then love looked different. Even now as I figure out what dragon it is that I'm trying to slay, like what I'm here to do. That's very important to me as a man."

The P-Valley star said that although he has encountered love before, there's something about dating with intention that hit different:

"When I had a different priority set, me chasing fast money was no different than me chasing fast tail. When you're younger, you have a fast mindframe. 'I wanna get rich overnight. I wanna do everything overnight or I'm just about the aesthetics.' It was more towards the surface level."
"As I got mature and I started thinking, feeling on a deeper level, I started having perspective on what was important and that's when I was like, 'Yo, this is somebody that starts to check those things off when I reach these deeper levels of life and a relationship.' I have those checklists with everything; with work, with a significant other, my money. Everything's really got a checklist on what does it mean or what is it doing for me, back to the big picture."

Tyler said that as a creative professional with a chaotic schedule, it is comforting to know that he has a partner who can align with his purpose in the bigger picture:

"Not to get into our relationship, but like one thing that fits with my girlfriend is she understands who I am, what it is that I represent and what it is that I feel I'm here for. I always use the analogy of life being like chess, but we know what that king and queen relationship is like on the chessboard, those aren't the only two pieces there. There's lots of things in what I'm trying to establish within my purpose, my legacy, all those things are important to me."

To watch Tyler's full interview with xoNecole, click here!

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