What Your Rising Sign Says About How People See You

What Your Rising Sign Says About How People See You

Your rising sign in Astrology, otherwise known as the Ascendant sign, represents how you express yourself to the world, show up, and how others see you. Your rising sign is located at the very top of your birth chart, in the 1st house. It is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born and is a leading light in your life. The Ascendant sign is as important as the sun or the moon sign and holds a lot of significance in your journey in life and how you will be walking through it.

What Rising Signs Mean in Astrology

Since the rising sign is the 1st house on the zodiac wheel and is the first thing people notice or see about you, it is also an indicator of someone's physical traits, body, and aura. For example, Scorpio Risings are known for their intense eyes and mysterious aura and are often seen with darker hair and physical features. Aries Risings are known for their strong physical body and often look more muscular or fit. Libra Risings have Venus on the Ascendant and are known for their beauty, aesthetic, and feminine energy. You can also work with the energy of your Ascendant sign to see what colors look best on you, and what style you align with, and how to enhance your physical features.

Going deeper, knowing your rising sign is important, as it’s often the missing clue as to why someone may feel like they are a certain way, yet others see them in a completely different light. For example, a Pisces Sun with a Leo Rising may at first come off as someone very confident, outgoing, and outspoken. They may indeed have a more positive and courageous outlook on life because after all, your rising sign is the lens through which you see the world; however, with the Pisces Sun, this person will feel like they are more sensitive and introverted than people know.

Remember, your rising sign is how you are perceived, and not necessarily who you think you are.

How to Find Your Rising Sign 

To figure out what your rising sign is, you will need to know your exact birth date, location, and time. Since your rising sign can change within only a few hours, you don’t want to be off with the birth time here. Not to mention, your rising sign is the starting point and the key to unlocking your entire birth chart.

You can find a Free Birth Chart Calculator on many websites through a search engine, or you can download an Astrology app that has them as well.

Read below to see what having a specific rising sign means for you, and how people see you.


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1. Aries Rising Sign Meaning

Aries Risings have a childlike face and demeanor. Although, their physical body is typically strong, muscular-like, or fit. Aries Risings come across as more dominant and direct than most, as they have Mars as their chart ruler, the planet of action. They come across as go-getters, independent, and free-spirit souls who live life on their own terms. Aries Risings seem like they are always doing something, moving fast, and like they have an infinite amount of energy. They are people who tell it like it is, and people often perceive them as brave and forthcoming. They love a lot of color, but look best in red and tend to be trendsetters, coming up with their own unique style and aesthetic.

2. Taurus Rising Sign Meaning

Taurus Risings are all about the vibe. Being in the presence of a Taurus Rising is like instantly feeling safe and comfortable. They take “chill” to a whole new level and prefer to enjoy life’s luxuries and also the simple pleasures of life. Others can sense this love for pleasure and the finer things when meeting them. Physically, with Venus being the ruler of Taurus and at the top of their chart, this rising sign typically has a natural beauty to them. Taurus is a sensual and earthly sign and they often exude this type of grounding energy. They come across as sweet with a graceful demeanor and a strong sense of self.

3. Gemini Rising Sign Meaning

Gemini Risings are social butterflies. They are always getting into new experiences and meeting new people. Others see them as talkative, outgoing, and self-expressive. They are typically very good with their words and make great public speakers. A Gemini Rising is often a chameleon and can change styles, looks, and expressions often. They aren’t easy to keep up with as their mind is going from one idea to the next. They see the world as an experience to engage in and learn from, and people often find them very inviting, unusual, and dynamic. Gemini Risings are charming with bright eyes.


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4. Cancer Rising Sign Meaning

Cancer Risings have a nurturing, feminine, and soft energy. They are the friend who is your biggest supporter and protector in life. They tend to come across as sensitive, emotional, compassionate, and somewhat mysterious to others. They wear their heart on their sleeves, but still tend to maintain a sense of mystery about them as they show people what they want them to see, and when they want them to see it. Cancer Risings often have round faces and eyes and are drawn toward wearing darker clothes and colors. They have more pronounced feminine features as they are ruled by La Luna herself, and they often strongly resemble their mother.

5. Leo Rising Sign Meaning

You can spot a Leo Rising in a room right away. They grab the attention of others effortlessly and often have something more dramatic about their appearance. Their style, their big hair, and their sunny demeanor are often known for something unique about themselves. Leo Risings have the Sun as their chart ruler, and others perceive them as someone who is confident, creative, outgoing, and dramatic. The spotlight always seems to be on a Leo Rising and they see life as their stage. They are very loving and generous souls, and they exude a lot of natural happiness and joy in life.

6. Virgo Rising Sign Meaning

Virgo Risings give off goddess energy. They are grounding souls, who see the world as a place to help, give to others, and create. Others find them sweet, logical, and down-to-earth when meeting them, and they have a healing and therapeutic energy about them. Virgo Risings aren’t known for the dramatics and they often wear light or no makeup at all, with a simple yet elegant style. You can often find a Virgo Rising in earthy-tone clothes as well, as this suits them best. They come across as more innocent, reserved, and shy even to others, and someone who is a little bit hard to get to know. With Mercury at the top of their chart, they have a strong wit.

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7. Libra Rising Sign Meaning

Libra Risings are known for their beauty, their relationships, and the love they give. With Venus at the top of the chart, Libra Risings are peaceful souls who want to give love and receive it. Others are often physically drawn to them with Venus, the planet of love and beauty ruling their world, and they attract many to them. Not to mention, Libra Risings are typically more flirtatious than most and are naturally charming. They see the world as a place to connect, create balance, and live in harmony, and they want others to notice this about them as well. They carry themselves with a sense of grace and elegance.

8. Scorpio Rising Sign Meaning

A Scorpio Rising is felt strongly by others. People are either instantly intrigued by them, or intimidated. They have a strong presence, and their energy is a catalyst of transformation for others being that Pluto is at the top of their chart. Hang out with a Scorpio Rising if you want your life to change. They have deep, intense, and mystical eyes, and are unintentionally the creators of the RBF. A lot of Scorpio Risings feel like people see them as more dominant and empowered than they feel at times, as Scorpio Risings are really just introverts at heart. They have a mysterious, seductive, and magnetic energy and are often physically stunning and fierce. Scorpio Risings look best in dark red.

9. Sagittarius Rising Sign Meaning

Sagittarius Risings are outspoken, joyful, and spiritual. They are known for their wisdom, knowledge, and their thirst for life. Sagittarius Risings see life as an exploration and go on many different journeys and paths in life, constantly searching for new meaning and purpose. Sagittarius Risings are often seen in bright colors with an eclectic and more out-there style and are known for their smile and expressions. A Sagittarius Rising lives life on their own terms and goes to the places that inspire them the most. Others see them as someone constantly changing things up and doing something different, and who lives life to the fullest. They also happen to have luck on their side with Jupiter as their chart ruler.

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10. Capricorn Rising Sign Meaning

Capricorn Risings are grounded, reserved, and hard-working. They are often known for their work ethic, their accomplishments, and their steady stature. They have more serious eyes and appearance and always tend to look put together. Capricorn Risings love a good business attire look, and they are often perceived as someone who is respectful, ambitious, and successful. They care about how they present themselves to others and can seem calculated to some because of this. With Saturn, the planet of challenges at the top of their chart, Capricorn Risings often feel like they had to grow up at a young age, which is why they later in life feel this strong sense of responsibility.

11. Aquarius Rising Sign Meaning

Aquarius Risings are unique souls. They thrive on being different from others, and you will never catch them following a trend or wearing something because everyone else is. They excel in their niche and they understand the importance of authenticity and personal freedom. They usually tend to stick out in a crowd because of their physical appearance and what they are wearing. Aquarius Risings have a thirst for knowledge and others see them as someone who is ahead of their time, open-minded, and inspiring. They are the rebels of the rising signs, and have a gift for communication and connecting with others on different levels.

12. Pisces Rising Sign Meaning

Pisces Risings are sweet souls that live in fantasyland. They tend to see the world with rose-colored glasses which is their gift and at times their downfall. A Pisces Rising’s appearance is often youthful with soft eyes and appearance. They come across as someone sweet with good intentions, and people usually trust this rising sign right away. They exude an energy of compassion and transparency and want to get lost in the world with others. Although Pisces is another more reserved, shy, rising sign to have, they have a strong need to create and express themselves creatively. Pisces Risings tend to escape reality, and it can be hard to grasp them fully. They are the rising sign that is out of this world.

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