La La Anthony Talks ‘BMF’ Season 2 And Why She Believes Love Is Complicated
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La La Anthony Talks ‘BMF’ Season 2 And Why She Believes Love Is Complicated

La La Anthony continues to blow audiences away with her acting roles. Since taking a step back from hosting and focusing on acting, we have seen her star in films like Think Like a Man and Think Like a Man Too, Chi-Raq, and TV series like The Chi, and Wu-Tang: An American Saga. But her role as the beloved character LaKeisha Grant in Power solidified her as a mainstay in Hollywood for her unforgettable performance up until the end.

The mother of one is hoping to strike gold once more with her new role as Markisha Taylor in the Starz series BMF. In a xoNecole exclusive interview, La La dishes on the new season of BMF, her stance on love, and what’s next.

The series is back with season two and while Markisha had a brief introduction in the first season, fans will get a chance to know more about the bossed-up beauty who has stolen the main character Terry Flenory’s heart.

“They still love each other ‘til this day,” La La says about the real-life characters. “So, it’s a deep love story and I think that Markisha coming into it had [a] very genuine interest. She really cared and ultimately loved Terry. It wasn’t like she was coming in for something else at that time. What was she gonna gain from this other than ‘oh, he makes me feel good,’ ‘he’s younger,’ ‘he’s paying me attention?’ But I think for her, she really saw potential and passion in him and she wanted to help that grow. So, I think that it just makes for such a layered, complicated relationship that will take us throughout the whole season and we’ll see which way that goes.”

La La Anthony's character Markisha Taylor and Da'Vinchi's character Terry Flenory. Photo courtesy of 'BMF.'

BMF is loosely based on a true story about brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory becoming one of the most influential crime families in the U.S. and Markisha’s love story with Terry, played by Da’Vinchi, will take centerfold alongside the ongoing focus on family.

“That’s why I said it’s not another crime show or drug show, or violent show. It’s so much love and loyalty and care and family at the center of BMF,” she says. “That’s what they’re about, so you get to see all of that. So, it's something that everyone can relate to. [It's a show] where there’s a character that we all can say, I see a little bit of myself in this character or I know somebody who’s like this. I think you get all of that from BMF.”

Watch the full La La video below.

La La Anthony Talks BMF Season 2, Why Love Is Complicated & More

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Feature image courtesy of BMF/Starz

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