La La Anthony Doesn't Know If Marriage Is For Her Following Split From Carmelo Anthony
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La La Anthony Doesn't Know If Marriage Is For Her Following Split From Carmelo Anthony

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony's marriage. Are they together? Are they separated? Are they working it out? However, all the speculation went out the window when news broke in June that La La filed for a divorce from the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Since then, the New Yorker is starting life anew with the purchase of a new home, a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, NY with her 14-year-old son Kiyan. Not to mention, the former TRL host is staying booked and busy with her acting gigs, including her new role on BMF. Now, La La is finally ready to open up about her divorce.

The Power star sat down with Angie Martinez on The Angie Martinez Show and spoke about her split from the Carmelo.

"To a lot of people, it feels like this single thing is new. It's been years now that we've separated and stuff. So I've dealt with the emotions behind it and I still have my moments, but for the most part, I can talk about it now and laugh about it and find the humor in it all otherwise I would be a basket case. I already went through that."

She went on to discuss the cheating allegations that the couple faced. In 2017, it was reported that Carmelo had fathered a child with a woman named Mia Angel Burks and was said to be the cause of their split.

"I was bad because it was public. I was bad because there were other people involved. I was bad because there were allegations. It got bad and I'm not the person to ever put my business on social media."

She continued:

"...you hold it in and it's like oh La is doing good, she look good on the 'Gram, it's like nah, that sh-t hit me really hard and you never know---and it came out of nowhere, it wasn't expected."

Some people even told her that she shouldn't be surprised that he cheated because he's a professional basketball player, but she the 39-year-old affirmed that she was "caught off guard" and didn't go into the marriage with those expectations.

While she's been going to therapy and letting time heal, she doesn't think she will ever get married again.

"Marriage, I don't think I can do that ever again. I mean some, like, amazing person would have to come. I don't see that happening again. But I don't know what God has in store for me."

As far as dating, The Chi actress said that she hasn't been on any dates yet, but in the meantime, she has used Instagram to find a potential bae. In case you've been living under a rock, La La's Instagram page is poppin' and she posts a lot of sexy photos showing off her beauty and body.

"I didn't think that this phase, I would be entering into being single and dating and tryna see what life is like. I didn't think that was gonna happen, but life happens and things happen and I was locked into my marriage and things happen. So, now I now gotta readjust so I can't be out here looking cuckoo crazy. I'm trying to get some DMs poppin'. I'm tryna see what's going on."

La La and Carmelo got married in 2010 and were married for 11 years before splitting in 2017.

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