Jordyn Woods Explains Why She Doesn't Talk About Money With Friends
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Jordyn Woods Explains Why She Doesn't Talk About Money With Friends

These past few years, Jordyn Woods has established herself as more than just a pretty face. The model has worked with many brands, such as PrettyLittleThing, acts, sings, and is an entrepreneur.

She launched her own fitness app FrstPlace in 2021, and more recently, she founded her clothing brand, Woods by Jordyn. The 25-year-old is also a socialite, hanging out with the likes of Willow and Jaden Smith, and Lori Harvey, and she has been dating NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns for three years.

While Jordyn has a wealthy circle, she revealed in an interview with Revolt’s show Assets Over Liabilities that she doesn’t believe in talking about money with friends. According to the California native, it’s all “circumstantial.”

“I just feel like money complicates things. If we’re talking about money in the sense of financial literacy, or is this the right move? Should I buy this or whatever, that’s fine,” she explained.

“But, like, if we’re working together, I want to have a contract, have it all in writing, talk about it once, and we don’t have to talk about it again.”

She continued saying, “You just don’t know how people are, and you don’t want people to end up jealous or counting your pockets.”

While she contests that she doesn’t deal with jealousy in her inner circle, she just prefers to keep things private. “I don’t like sharing financial stuff with really anybody except for the people that need to know,” she said.

As Jordyn continues venturing into entrepreneurship, she is learning the ups and downs of being a boss. After her first clothing brand, Second Nature was dissolved, the model is hoping to seek success with Woods. She revealed that she has taken what she learned from that experience and is making better choices in her new business, thus being more involved in the day-to-day operations with the goal of leaving a legacy.

“When I think of entrepreneurial endeavors, I think of building your legacy, and for me, I did so many collaborations with different companies,” she said. “They were successful, sold out a lot of different collections, [and] I’m like if I’m making this amount of money, I can only imagine how much money the brand is making itself, and I wanted to build something for myself, my legacy.”

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